- Improved Intel AMT Linux support

Happy new year everyone! Once again the Mesh team is getting back to work and we got plenty on our plate. For this blog post, we got something that many people familiar with Intel AMT may find completely crazy. For people not familiar with Intel AMT, fear not, we got other interesting announcements coming up. In order to access Intel AMT features on the local computer, you need both the MEI driver and a LMS application. This is not a problem on Windows since Intel provides an installation package that includes both, but on Linux this have been more difficult. The Linux Kernel comes with the MEI driver built-in, but LMS is almost impossible to get. Users have to download and hand compile it from source code, making it a huge problem enabling Intel AMT on Linux & Android machines.

Well, we just released a Mesh solution to this long standing problem: On Linux x86 32bit and 64bit, we released a new mesh agent that includes the LMS right into the agent! That’s right, you can access Intel AMT locally, perform provisioning and more just by installing the Mesh agent on top of the MEI driver. Nothing else needed. Basically, you can install the Mesh Agent on a stock Linux distribution like Ubuntu and take advantage of all of the Intel AMT features. This bring Meshcentral’s Intel AMT Linux capability on part with Windows without having the users jump thru hoops.

The new “MicroLMS” built-into the Mesh agent is a complete code re-write based around the Microstack. So, the new LMS shares code and threads with all of the existing features in the Mesh agent and adds only 5k to the executable size. MicroLMS re-implements the “APF” protocol that is used to relay TCP connections on port 16992/16993 to Intel AMT. Upon launch, the Mesh agent will automatically detect is the MicroLMS should be launched, it will do so if MEI driver is available and no other LMS service is already provided on the system.The new Linux mesh agent is being patched automatically, so Linux / Intel AMT users will start getting local access enabled automatically.


With the new Linux x86 32bit and 64bit agent, the LMS application is no longer needed.
That is a good thing because it’s not widely available on Linux, users have to compile from source.

This is a stock Linux Ubuntu x86-64 screen showing local access to Intel AMT.
We just install the Mesh agent and get local access Intel AMT immediately.


For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.