Making “The Big Change” – Again, Episode 1

The bio on my day job publications mentions I have friends’ who call me Mr. Gidget-Gadget so it should come as no surprise that on occasion I change technology paths. The latest transition will begin sometime this week when I get my new mobile smartphone.

I ordered a Motorola* Photon Q* 4G* LTE*. This is my 2nd stab at pocket-sized android-based living. My first attempt about 3 years ago was with the Samsung* S2/S3 and Android 2 dot something? I honestly can’t recall. The device failed miserably for me after 6 months. I was at a point where I needed a “it just works” phone. I went back to the familiar-to-me iPhone*. It has worked, 2 years now. Got my money’s worth on the phone, I have no complaints. Well except it is in no way inexpensive to own and use a smartphone.

Therein lay at least two of the reasons for the change. Wouldn’t it be nice to reduce the phone bill? Remember when it was just a phone bill? Not a Voice/Data/Text & taxes phone bill? I think the land-line I disconnected a few years back was running me around $35/mo. for a service that had served my family’s electronic communion needs for decades. Once everyone in the family had a mobile phone, the landline was redundant. Great I “save” $35/mo. on communication bills, or as I think of them annuities for the telecommunications industry.

If my new phone works out and my math has any validity I’ll be chopping that down a bit. How might that be accomplished is what I’ll talk about next. Hint = Wireless First! If you want a preview, you can always check out the vendor who sells the new phone – Scratch Wireless.

Me & my current phone:

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Tim Duncan (Intel)'s picture

Gael, it is see though and it led to mobile devices. However, in my experience it was a wee bit too finicky to allow much mobility itself. Plan to use it for an innovation hour project someday - well I hope to.

Gael H. (Intel)'s picture

Is that a "see" through mobile device in back of you?

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