Holy teleportation, Batman!* | Making “The Big Change” – Again, E 2


The trip took 20 minutes! Bezos thinks he needs drones, FedEx looks to have trumped his drone with a transporter. Ordered Friday afternoon, on Tuesday morning the phone is 7 miles from my house. The Amex bill won’t arrive for another month!


Glad I ordered a $5 cover for it already. CoverON* Motorola* Photon Q* 4G* LTE* Hard Plastic Slim Case Cover Bundle with Clear Anti-Glare LCD Screen Protector - Beer. Not sure the case will work for everybody, but I couldn’t resist. Nice touch including the screen cover. Any phone I’ve had that I didn’t put one on - got all scratched up.


Wow, I could be getting my OOBE tonight, clear my calendar!



IMDB Quotes for Robin (Character)

Motorola* Photon Q* 4G* LTE* http://www.motorola.com/us/Motorola-Photon-Q/m-PHOTON-Q-4G-LTE.html

Scratch Wireless

OOBE = Out Of Box Experience http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out-of-box_experience


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