- New Android Panel & ADB-over-Mesh

In the last few weeks, interest for Meshcentral management of Android devices has grown and so, Rick Edgecombe has made significant efforts to improve the Android Mesh agent on the Google Play store. Today, he is announcing the release of the new Meshcentral settings control panel for Android devices along with a new version of the Mesh Agent. You can now go on the Meshcentral web site, click on an Android device and hit the “Settings” button. This will display a wide array of Android devices settings that would be useful for administrators or help desk support personnel. Youtube video demonstration here.

The new control panel reads the devices settings and allows the administrator to change them in real time. The two best examples of this are the interactive volume and WiFi controls. Android has 10 different volume settings from general to alarms, Bluetooth and more. The new settings page shows all of the available volumes including un-documented ones and makes it possible to change the value of each, getting visual confirmation of the change on the web page. The WiFi management is even more impressive: Administrators can add new WiFi associations and even change the current WiFi settings for the device. Rick has been able to demonstrate making the device hop to a new WiFi access point and the agent would re-establish the connection to Meshcentral enabling the administrator to continue managing the device.

In addition to the new Android settings panel, we are also unveiling another Android/Meshcentral feature that has been on our announcement list for a long time. Full ADB-over-Mesh support! This is probably the most powerful way to remotely debug Android devices over the Internet. This newly released document explains how to setup an Android ADB debug connection over Mesh, enabling full remote debugging of devices anywhere on the Internet. Remotely load new application, setup breakpoints and step thru applications line by line. For people that do Android development, this is a must read. It opens many new opportunities to debug and fix devices even if they are not located near the development machine.

The addition of the new settings control panel and ADB-over-MESH on top of all the existing features makes Meshcentral one of the most unique and full featured Android remote management solution around. For people not familiar with Meshcentral, we have slides at the top of this page. The new settings panel requires the latest Mesh Agent on Google Play which should be widely updated in the next few hours.


The new settings panel reads & write Android device values in real
time from the Meshcentral web page. Perfect for support help desks.

We have a complete demonstration of the new Android settings panel
on YouTube using the Intel based Lenovo K900 phone.

The new ADB-over-MESH feature allows developers unprecedented
access to Android remote debugging over the Internet.

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