- VMware vSphere ESXi support

Meshcentral is already a powerful and portable cloud management solution and today, Rick Edgecombe is broadening support with the release of Meshcentral for VMware® vSphere ESXi 5.5 Hypervisor. You can now install the Mesh agent right into the ESXi hypervisor and control your servers from the cloud. This enables unprecedented power to remotely manage virtual machines over the Internet.

So, let’s back up and explain this a bit. A hypervisor is software that you run on a computer that allows you to virtualize the computer and boot many operating systems in different virtual machines. Administrators use hypervisors to insure that operating systems run correctly and enable them to manage each virtual machine independently. You can turn on, off or reformat a virtual machine all from a management control panel. Normally, you need the management control panel to be located on the same network as the server or you need to setup a VPN. Today, we are announcing that you can now install an updated version of the mesh agent directly into the ESXi hypervisor and so, use it to remotely manage servers over the internet without opening ports or settings up a VPN.

In addition to making the agent work, Rick also wrote up a document explaining how to use the VMware vSphere Client software over mesh. So you can manage your virtual machines using the same client software that comes with vSphere regardless of where the server is on the Internet.

Since this is a new feature we are looking for feedback. We only tested it on VMware® vSphere ESXi 5.5. The new install script is in the Meshcentral mesh install box.


You can install the new Mesh Agent from
Just cut & paste a script into the VMware vSphere console.

In addition to Meshcentral existing usages, We have documentation on
how to make the VMware vSphere client work over a mesh connection.


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