Configuring WiFi for the Intel Galileo Board

The Intel® Galileo development board is Intel's first product in a new family of Arduino*-compatible development boards featuring Intel® architecture.  Follow the steps below for guidance on configuring WiFi on this board.

Make sure you have the latest FW installed:

  • Follow the initial direction to install firmware for the wireless adapter from here (Sergey Kiselev's Blog).

Mount the antenna and check for configuration:

1.  Mount the antenna and the adapter plate as shown in the following images

NOTE: The metal adapter (blue) needs to be connected as shown. The two "prongs/arms" need to go from "above to below" the board. The other end of the metal adapter will then click into place on the two plastic "pillars" present on the board.

2.  Run the example:

  •  WiFi->ConnectWithWPA 

to check for connectivity.

If you have followed the above steps and it is still not working, you might want to check out these forum posts from the Makers community:

Other Resources:

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Amardeep M.'s picture

How to enable wifi upon start up or boot?I have N135 and i am connect to my wifi network using this,however I want it to happen upon boot. Also the result of uname -a is-

Linux galileo 3.8.7-yocto-standard #1 Thu May 12 08:17:14 PDT 2016 i586 GNU/Linux

Stewart C. (Intel)'s picture

Yes, the WiFi card and other features eg and saving a sketch all require an SD card. There are currently two flavors, one on and another on, use the second one if you want more than just Arduino IDE Support.

ZHOU B.'s picture

 if there is no SD card with Linux System inside , the WIFI can not be launched?
i am a freshman in Galileo Development, and when i run the example in Ardiuno named “CoonectWithWPA”, the error is “WIFI sheild not present”. i checked my board and found no SD card plugged in. is this the reason? thank you!!

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