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Just a quick note to say that a few days back, we added a second static IP address to and made it known as "". I configured the server so that port 443 on the new IP address is identical to port 8080 on the original address. So, Mesh agents can now connect back to Meshcentral using both or This feature was requested because some sites have all outgoing ports blocked except for ports 80 and 443, so the mesh agent would not be usable on these networks. It's also the same port used for Intel AMT CIRA (Client Initiated Remote Access) connections, so both Mesh agents and Intel AMT CIRA connections should now work for these networks.

Now, if you already created a mesh on, it will point to the 8080 port. That still works and will continue to work in the future. All new mesh created on will now be created to point to

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Oh! You are right! I see the problem with the RDP viewer using Click-Once. I will work to fix it today. As a workaround, the link points to "" but it should not. Copy the link, remove the "swarm." at the start and open the link, it will work.

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Since this update I got problems to launch the RDP client for any node. I think that the self-signed certificate of the server is the problem. Anyway is not working and also ask for a client certificate every time I try to launch de  minirouter for RDP viewer. 

I find a workaround fot this, get the link and change the to is not the best of the solutions but it works.

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