Intel® Developer Zone: Premier Resource Center for Cross Platform Apps

The changing world of software development is creating exciting opportunities for developers with multiple devices, platforms/OS environments and new categories of applications which must run across multiple platforms.

Developers are looking for critical knowledge about these new platforms technologies, resources to help sharpen their expertise, tools to reduce effort of porting code across multiple platforms, and opportunities to extend their market reach and discoverability.

Intel® Developer Zone (Intel® DZ) offers technical insights, platform and technology information, peer expertise, and tools to help drive innovation and success among developers.  It provides opportunities for developers to connect, learn, share knowledge, and sharpen their competitive edge.

CROSS-PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT AND RESOURCES: As Intel technology is broadly used in devices like All-in-Ones, 2-in-1 Ultrabooks, traditional laptops, tablets and phones, Intel® DZ offers developers critical guidance for creating compelling end-user experiences with CPU/graphics performance, high resolution imaging, battery life and security as well as related tools to ease required development effort across many form factors, platforms, and operating systems. For example, developers can use the Intel® XDK to build apps in HTML5 and rapidly deploy them across Android, Windows and iOS platforms. Check out the GDC Developer Roundtable on cross-platform game development lead by Chris Pirillo, and follow the Intel® DZ cross-platform app blogs.

CONNECT & SHARE: Intel® DZ is a vibrant hub of community interaction. Through its communities focused on HTML5, Android and Windows, developers can engage with a   community of Intel experts and industry peers to learn new skills, get support, share knowledge and build relationships. Becoming a member of Intel® Black Belt Software Developer Program can enhance your reputation among a global group of peers.

GLOBAL PROGRAM:  Intel® DZ supports developers from over 150 countries and provides access to content in English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese and Chinese. In addition, users can connect and collaborate with Intel experts worldwide and engage with a community of peers, students, and educators from over 150 countries to share development advice and discover business opportunities.


The Intel® Developer Zone supports developers of all sizes and skill levels. Come explore our tools, forums and global community. Visit Intel® Developer Zone today. Follow us on Twitter at @IntelSoftware, @html5hub and on our Intel® Developer Zone Facebook page.

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