Editor’s App Picks March 2014

Here at the Intel Developer Zone, we’ve launched an exciting platform called the "Share Your App Project”, a great way for interested developers to share what they’re working on with the greater developer community. Every month, we plan to recognize a few apps for innovation, creativity, and intuitive and interesting use of technology. If this sounds intriguing to you, and you’d like to get more information, visit the Share Your App page and let us know what you’re working on right now.

In February’s Editor’s Picks, we looked at Hostel HookApp, Grace, Big Mountain Snowboarding, Fond d’ecran-Fleurs tombantes, Greedy Grub, and 3D Human Anatomy. For March, we’re going to do a quick review of Simiyu the Chicken, PBA Bowling Challenge, GlamSham, and Clumsy Frog.

Published Projects

Simiyu the Chicken

About this app: Simiyu the Chicken  is a fun little game that puts the user in charge of an intrepid chicken named Simiyu, whose mission is to somehow navigate through 40 distinct platform levels. Players collect coins and points as they go, and exploration is encouraged.

Editor’s notes: gameplay somewhat reminiscent of the extremely challenging Flappy Birds, but not as well executed; screen controls are a bit awkward and graphics could be better. App’s responsive design lends itself well to being played across multiple devices.   Built using the Intel Beacon Mountain environment.


About this app: If you’re a fan of Bollywood, GlamSham is the app for you. Celebrity gossip, galleries, movie stills, and photoshoots give users the ability to keep track of their favorite Bollywood celebrities.

Editor’s notes: Built with the Android* NDK for Intel Architecture. Worked well on Android tablet, unable to operate on Android phone.

PBA Bowling Challenge

About this app: Bowl against your friends or 21 of the PBA’s best bowlers with extremely realistic bowling action. A surprising amount of skill is needed to get very far in this game, and there are extra challenges, tournaments, and leaderboards to keep your attention.

Editor’s notes: Sophisticated gameplay, compelling graphics, and addictive social scoring make this one I’ll be keeping around for a while. Built with the Android* NDK for Intel Architecture.

Clumsy Frog

About this app: Move the frog through various stages using a big jump or a small jump, collecting stars along the way. Good game concept and graphics; game controls need some tuning and more interest (other than just jumping) needs to be added to take this game from “okay” to “wow!”.

Editor’s notes: Another app whose gameplay is reminiscent of Flappy Birds, but not quite there as far as gameplay. Built with the Android* NDK for Intel Architecture.

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