Developers Gain App Exposure With Intel® Events

This past year, Intel® has hosted CodeFests, webinars, and hackathons for Android* developers in various locations around the world. These events are technical sessions with hands-on development time, intended to equip developers to learn more about improving their Android app performance, try new Intel Android tools and technologies, compile NDK apps for x86, and network with their fellow Android developers, as well as take advantage of advice and support from Intel’s technical experts.

In addition to events that provide valuable interaction with the latest in Intel Android technology, developers were given the chance to win prizes and have a little fun with like-minded colleagues.  Here’s a quick glimpse at what one such event looked like in the NYC area:

image courtesy B.Duffy

“On our first night we were joined by approximately 90 developers who learned about coding NDK apps for x86 devices, as well as how to create cross platform apps using the Intel XDK.  The following day 50 developers broke into 15 teams to join in the CodeFest challenge.  Developers either ported ARM NDK apps to x86 or created new apps using Intel tools and native libraries for x86.  Not all but most made it to the end with 11 apps presented for the hackathon and 5 NDK apps successfully ported to x86.” – “New Apps, NDK Ports, & Social Good at Android CodeFest NYC”, Bob Duffy, Worldwide Community Manager 

Intel also enabled a hackathon at Mobile World Congress (MWC), a yearly can’t-miss event for developers all over the world, offered an Android-focused hackathon via WIPJam, a hackathon hosted at MWC. This was an extremely popular event, with over thirty developers coming together over the course of three days to develop interesting apps for any type of activity:

image courtesy WIPJam

“Develop a fun and innovative game using any of the well-known game engines/libraries that support x86 platform like Marmalade, AppGameKit, Cocos2Dx , Libgdx, Lanica or Project Anarchy. You can also use any other framework of your choice as long as it generates x86 native libraries. For testing your application, you will be using the latest Android x86 image along with Intel® HAXM (for Windows/OSX) or KVM (for Linux). Use Intel Graphics Performance analyzer to optimize the performance of your games.” - WIPJam Event Overview Page

The range of projects developed in and as a result of these events is truly amazing, as you can see in this brief sample list below:

  • Grace: Native Android App enables you to learn anywhere anytime MOOCs and videos from top Organizations, Universities and thought leaders ( Such as MIT, Stanford, Udacity, Coursera, Khan Academy ) and brings the learning experience to your living room using Intel WiDi.
  • Big Mountain Snowboarding: Native x86 game that brings you a realistic snowboarding experience.
  • Babylonian Twins: Android app that takes you to 576 BC in ancient Mesopotamia with beautifully reconstructed historic environments, authentic original Middle Eastern music and innovative two-character control.

All these apps and many more are showcased at the Share Your Android* App project, an online platform for developers to share new and existing Android NDK apps developed for Intel architecture. All Android developers are welcome to post their projects here, with the opportunity to try out Intel technology, receive feedback from the developer community, and get evaluated for the monthly Editor’s Picks. There are also some opportunities to win go-to-market packages, allowing developers to try different marketing tools they may want to add to their portfolio in the future. The marketing tools drive market awareness and in some cases drove improved rankings for the apps.  

A few developers that had a chance to try these marketing tools had this to say about these efforts:

“Our team of developers was really motivated by the player engagement driven by our campaigns with [Intel]!”- Hubbell Games

“[Intel’s] team gave us strategy recommendations for a new monetization model we'll be using well into the future.” - Hubbell Games

 “There’s been highly increased interest in Gamerald and my apps during the running campaign. My apps have received increased downloads and far more app ratings than before, which is really great.”- Gamerald

“More than impressive results! Thank you very much! … I was very happy to work with all of you. Hope we'll work [together] again sometime.”- Microcosm

Interested in getting involved? We invite you to take a look at the Share Your App Android project, where you can share your app projects in process or completed on the Intel® Developer Zone to get feedback, gain exposure, or be discovered for co-marketing opportunities. Intel will continue to sponsor developer events including CodeFests, Hackathons or contests for a new Intel architecture platform. Check the Intel Android Developers Events page to get a full list of events in your area.






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