Intel AMT SOL Data is not Redirected

If you are experiencing that data from your Serial over Lan Session with Intel(r) Active Management Technology (AMT) is not being redirected, this blog describes what might be going on.  

Problem Statements:

Scenario 1:

  1. Intel AMT system is booted to DOS mode(Command prompt - text data only).
  2. Next, using your Management Console, connect to SOL  using the Remote Control feature. When you take control and initiate a SOL session, the screen may show up as blank. The Intel AMT system may have a DOS command prompt but is not showing the expected text screen. 

Scenario 2: 

  1. Initiating a remote reboot option causes the Intel AMT system to restart and the post messages and text data will appear in the SOL session. 

Scenario 3: 

  1. If Intel AMT system is in the BIOS page and connected to a SOL session it may show a blank screen only without the BIOS screen.

What is going on:

By default, Intel AMT Serial-over-LAN will just send what you type in the terminal to a virtual serial port exposed to the operating system. If two applications are listening on the "COM PORT" you will just get a blank screen.


  • Use the OpenDTK and you will get a command prompt on the Serial-over-LAN terminal.
  • Use the Outpost tool, or install's mesh agent. In either case, the software will detect the Intel AMT serial port and hook-up a command prompt.
  • Next, you can hit the ` (backwards tick) key (Located next to the ESC key on US keyboards) to refresh the screen and see the prompt.
  • Type "cmd" to go to the DOS command prompt and type "exit" to go back or "help" for more commands.



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