National Day of Civic Hacking - Berkeley Hack-a-thon

Over this past weekend I attended a hack-a-thon in Berkeley. The hack-a-thon was run by a student from Contra Costa Community College Michial Green who did a great job of organizing and running the hack-a-thon. I have met Michial at previous hack-a-thons and it was a pleasure to work with him again on this one.

The theme for the hack-a-thon was to create an application that would open data sets made available for the 2 day hack-a-thon. The participants of the hack-a-thon decided to form a single group, but work on individual parts in sub-teams. Their goal was to create an alternative currency that could only be spent locally. One group worked on the design and feel of the site as well as managing all of the details about the currency, while another one worked on the backend and another team worked on a Intel® Galileo project that would send sensor data to the server team. I was particularly impressed by the three high school students who were undertaking the sensor data reporting using Intel Galileo. They came in with not knowing much, if not anything about the board, but overcame that be asking good questions and staying persistent the course of the day just kept learning and learning, and eventually had sensors that could detect colors and report that information to a server.

At the end of the hack-a-thon everyone had their parts working and together they created a fully functional application that they should be proud to have created!

Michial Green ThinkingMichial Green


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