Introducing Intel’s Newest Black Belt: Christopher Price

Here at Intel, it is our privilege is to recognize a developer’s accomplishments by inviting him or her to be an Intel Developer Zone Black Belt Honoree:

“The Intel® Developer Zone Black Belt Program recognizes members of our communities who are known for their technical expertise and community leadership. They share their knowledge and collaborate with other members to make our communities stronger. The Black Belt title is reserved to recognize and reward selected members that contribute their extensive experience and expertise to the communities. This title also recognizes members for their time and effort contributing technical information to help make Intel® Developer Zone a valuable developer resource.”

As part of these efforts, we’d like to introduce you to our newest Intel Developer Zone Black Belt, Christopher Price, whose expertise in Android, graphics, gaming, and system development make him a valuable addition to the program. Since 2010, Chris has shared his expertise and leadership via speaking and training during a variety of Intel-sponsored events. More about Chris from Bob Duffy, Worldwide Communities Team Manager:

“Chris first introduced himself to our program at the Application Labs we ran in 2010 and 2011.  We saw Chris at many events, including Elements in San Francisco and Seattle.  However it was in 2013 when we shifted programs focus to Android development that Chris made himself an accessible resource to our program and community. Chris volunteered to speak about Android NDK development at our meet-ups and demo innovative work at trade shows.

We quickly realized Chris had more knowledge about Android and x86 optimization than many of our own engineers.  We invited him into a pilot Influencer program to help educate developers at meetups and tradeshows.

In less than eight months Chris has presented at 14 events speaking and has engaged thousands of developers. 

Chris represents a rare level of expertise and experience on x86 architecture and the Android OS.  He is by all counts the most engaged x86 Android expert and prolific contributor to the Android repository either outside or inside our program.”

And here’s more from Chris, in his own words, on his experience with Intel and Android:

“I’ve been working quietly to rewrite the Android experience, and optimize it for a new generation of high-performance usage. We’re scaling Android up to be a mainstream desktop.

If you have an Android question on, you’re more likely to get an answer from me personally than anyone else. I may be my startup's CEO - but I didn’t retire my mailing list credentials.

I’m working hard to lead compliance and regulatory issues for other Android on x86 efforts outside Intel, helping ensure the community keeps Android clean and open.

As busy as it is starting up a company I’m compelled to share my experiences. I have thousands of blog posts under my belt - including extensive rundowns of Android on x86 & IA, as well as Intel C++ compiler, Beacon Mountain, and the XDK.”

In addition to his nearly 200 Android-x86 posts on, here’s a quick look at what Chris has been supporting through our program in just the last 12 months, which elevated him to Black Belt status:

Activity Category


(Attendees) Impact

Guest Speaker

6/13 UltracodeMeetup

(60) Local external developer advocating Intel tools, technology and advantage of x86 – provided relevance to our message.

Session Speaker

10/13 OnAndroidConf: "Android on x86 Has Landed - What You Need To Know"

Spoke to the opportunity and advantages of x86 for Android from the developer perspective.

Guest Speaker Presenter

11/13 Intel Android Codefest

Showed Codefest attendees how easy it is to edit the MakeFile, also discussing advantages of optimizing for the hardware.

Meetup Speaker Trainer x86 NDK
(6 events)

11-12/13 Android Groups 6-City Tour
San Francisco

Helped educate developers on native x86 compiling for Android at GDG meetups across the country.

Demo of x86 Android

1/14 CES

Provided a presence at CES event, extending Intel Software reach and visibility.

Demo of Android on Core

2/14 AppsWorld

Provided an additional booth presence and showed innovation not yet seen in the market.

Demo of Android on Core

2/14 WIPJam/MWC Intel booth

Demoed game scenes that cannot be reproduced on ARM, showing x86 differentiation.


2/14 WIPJam Intel Innovator Session

Showed an early innovative Android product to 50 session attendees, that is only achievable with x86.

Demo of Android on Core

3/14  Kiosk Demo
"Android meet Intel ® Iris™ Graphics" GDC 2014

Showed an early and innovative Android product to 180 booth attendees that is achievable only with x86

Panel Speaker & Talk

3/14 GDC Intel Theater – Intel Booth
"Cross platform game development"
"Android meet Intel ® Iris™ Graphics"

Demonstrated the value of coding to hardware, and that cross platform often means optimizing for architecture like x86 that spans devices, to 40 attendees in the Intel theater.

Key Note Demo

AnDevCon Boston Keynote

Demonstrated iConsole during keynote presentation to 350 attendees,

Booth Demo

AnDevCon Boston Exhibition floor

Showcased AAA console level games running on Android via an early iConsole prototype.

We are excited to have Christopher Price on board as Intel’s newest Black Belt, and we look forward to his continued valuable contributions to this program and the developer community at large.






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Bob Duffy (Intel)'s picture

As said about Black Belts, hard for all of us to figure how he managed to put all that time in.

jimdempseyatthecove's picture

Congratulations Chris - you've earned it. I don't know where you found all the time for the presentations you made.

Jim Dempsey

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