Install and Uninstall Details of Intel® INDE

Intel® Integrated Native Developer Experience (Intel® INDE) consists of multiple tools and installers.

  • The software suite can be downloaded (currently free) in beta from Opt-In Free Beta Trial for Intel INDE. The installer program is intelhub.exe
  • The installer displays the Intel® INDE tile menu screen (inde.exe) which shows the multiple Intel tools available for Android Development and eases their download and install. (There are some additional tools available from Intel for Android Development, but Intel® INDE includes a common selection.)
  • The software version number of inde.exe (tile menu) in the bottom right hand bar on the menu screen. The program is stored at \\Intel\INDE\inde.exe.
  • The main framework of Intel® INDE is the Environment Setup (for Android), which should be installed first (after ensuring that the proper Java JDK is installed on the system, see installation blog). Clicking on the Environment Setup tile of the tile menu page will start the Environment Setup Wizard. This framework allows you to install 3rd party Android software including the Android SDK*, NDK*, Ant*, plugins and an IDE (Eclipse* or Android Studio*). You may also choose to use Microsoft* Visual Studio* 2012 or later but you must license and download/install VS software separately prior to running Environment Setup and choosing VS). 
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you wish to rerun Environment Setup(ES), but the Intel® INDE main screen tile shows ES already installed and doesn't allow you to restart it, there are 2 options. See the uninstall section 2 bullets down.
  • The pIntel INDE hub uninstallrogram Intel® INDE (just the hub menu) is listed in Control Panel Programs under Intel®  Integrated Native Developer Experience Beta - but this is just the tile menu program. The individual Intel Tools and the Environment Setup (which sets up the Android IDE) must be uninstalled separately.  
  • Environment Setup is listed in Control Panel Programs as Environment Setup for Android. Once ES has been run, the Intel® INDE Main screen tile menu may show the environment as installed, and not allow you to rerun ES. To rerun (modify, repair, or delete), the best method is to go to the Control Panel > Programs> and click on Environment Setup for Android and click the Windows provided Uninstall option. This will open the wizard so that you will see Modify and Repair options as well as to Uninstall.  Note: Choosing Uninstall from within the Environment Setup Wizard will remove all 3rd party items added by this Wizard.  
    Should you be unable to run the Environment Setup Wizard from the Control Panel, you can delete the registry entry located at:  
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Intel\INDE\Framework. (This is the registry entry that the Intel® INDE tile menu uses to determine if the Environment Setup shows as installed or not. Removing the framework registry key will remove the registry keys below it, but will not remove the actual programs on the hard drive. Those should be removed by running Uninstall of ES from the Control Panel.
    NOTE: Delete the Framework key and not the INDE key or pecific items under the Framework key. The Intel
    ® INDE menu ES tile triggers from the framework registry key.)

  • Android 3rd party tools are installed as follows by default:  Use 64 bit with Eclipse* or Android Studio* and 32 bit with Visual Studio*.
    • Java JDK* (not installed via Intel® INDE) - \\Program Files\Java\JDK<ver>  or for 32 bit similarly in the \\Program Files (x86) folder equivalent.
    • Jave JRE (installed with the JDK) - \\Program Files\Java\JRE7 (or similar in 32 bit x86).
    • All 3rd party Android tools installed in the Intel® INDE framework (from Environment Setup) are installed under  \\Intel\INDE\framework\
      Uninstall: All content installed through the Environment Setup will be removed when you uninstall Environment Setup.
    • The single Intel tool installed from the ES (IDE) screen (Intel® HAXM) is an exception and is installed at \\Program Files\Intel\HAXM
  • Intel tools installed via Intel® INDE (tile menu) are available at \\Intel\INDE\<toolname>
    • Compute Code Builder
    • Frame Debugger
    • Intel® GPA Graphics Performance Analyzers (Frame, Performance, System Analyzers)
    • (Intel® INDE) ​Media Pack for Android
    • Intel® C++ Compiler for Android (Intel_compiler)
      Error warning: Currently Intel
      ® INDE downloads NDK r9d which the compiler v1 gives an error. r9d is supported by v2, available here
    • Intel® TBB
      Uninstall: Each of these tools can be uninstalled from the Control Panel Programs Uninstaller under Intel (except for CODE BUILDER, under C).
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