- Intel® AMT IDE Redirect support

It’s been a while since the last Meshcentral announcement, but we are making it up today with a powerful new feature. With huge help from Jacob Gauthier that has been working on Intel AMT Recovery OS and an expert on the topic, we are announcing: Meshcentral cloud Intel® AMT IDE Redirect. Allowing administrators to remotely reboot a mesh enabled Intel AMT computer anywhere on the Internet with a recovery OS that is located on the MeshCentral server. This opens the door for powerful remote computer recovery, OS check, backup, re-install and more. Along with Hardware KVM, it’s one of the most powerful features of Intel AMT and a significant value to administrators… but there is more, much more.

As with any Intel AMT feature implemented in Meshcentral, we take it to the next level. When the administrator decides to launch a recovery boot using mesh, the mesh server generates on the fly a new remote boot OS image. That is right, each boot is made using a fully constructed single-use OS image. A tiny Linux based image is built for the target platform with the right settings, hostname, check hashes, mesh policy, MEI driver, network drivers and more. Once booted, the recovery OS makes a set of HTTP calls to the Mesh server to stop the IDE-R session, download & check the latest mesh agent and launch it. A recovery mesh agent then connects back to the server for full control over the session, built-in LMS support in the mesh agent is used to provide local Intel AMT access.

In addition to all this, the new Meshcentral server now supports recovery agents that show up on the devices page only for the duration of the connection, along with improvements in CIRA connection handling and much more, this new feature makes it easier than ever to use IDE-R. Just select and click a button, Meshcentral does the rest.

This new feature is one of the easiest and most powerful ways to make use of Intel® vPro. We are testing the feature on and will be rolling out cloud IDE-R to mesh customers and other mesh server instances in the next few weeks. Again, big thanks for Jacob Gauthier whose work on remote boot images is now being used in Meshcentral. We posted on Youtube a full demonstration of Meshcentral performing IDE-R.

Questions and feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire

The inner working of this new feature are quite complex, involving updates to every major component of Meshcentral.

From the administrator’s perspective, this would not be easier. A few clicks triggers the IDE-R feature.

We posted on Youtube a full demonstration of Meshcentral performing IDE-R.

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