- Improved Android* Support

Today with work from Matt Primrose and Rick Edgecombe, we are announcing much improved Android* support in Meshcentral with both new Mesh Agent for Android on the Google Play* store and new Server Side management control.

Thanks to work from Matt Primrose, we have a new server side Android settings control panel. The new user interface is miles ahead of the older one with smart browser side caching, improves data queries and a much improved user interface. The new web user interface pulls data from the Android device much faster than before and caches the data in such a way that coming back to the Android settings UI will not cause new queries to be issued to the Android device unless needed.

Thanks to Rick Edgecombe, we have a significantly improved Android Mesh Agent on the Google Play store. The most impressive new feature is accelerated remote desktop capture on Android KitKat and higher using new internal Android API’s. The new screen capture system has significant improved speed. Since this uses internal Android API’s, for now, this new Mesh Agent feature must be activated on the agent-side user interface. Rick improved the WebRTC support with the latest version of the WebRTC libraries, support for FireFox (in addition to Chrome & Opera), color correction on some devices and much more.

The result of all these changes and many other bug fixes is our best ever support for Android device.

Questions and feedback appreciated,
Ylian Saint-Hilaire

Android settings control panel has significantly improved performances and looks.
Remotely monitor and manage your Android devices over the Internet better than ever.

Mesh Android Settings

Some of the Meshcentral team using remote video call for help.
From left to right (Matt Royer, Chris Piper, Rick Edgecombe, Ylian Saint-Hilaire)

Mesh WebRTC video


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Ylian S. (Intel)'s picture

Hi. Login to, go to “My Account”. If you have not done so already, create a new Mesh (hit “New” link). Then, hit “Install” link, select your mesh and “Android All (Recommended)” as the OS type. You will see the activation code. The code will make your phone show only on your account.

Peter Fenton (Intel)'s picture

Hi Guys, I am trying to install the Android Mesh Agent on Lenovo K900 phone but I guess I need an activation code ?  any idea where I might find it ?

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