How to identify the android device is 32-bit or 64-bit ?

Android is going to support 64-bit, but there are so many android devices, how do developer know current device is 32-bit  or 64-bit  ?

Let's begin from  this command:

adb shell getprop ro.product.cpu.abi 

for adb command, you can check Android official website for more detail:  ADB (Android Debug Bridge)

getprop is an android utility to retrieve a property via the android property service.

ro.product.cpu.abi is android property, this property could help you confirm this device is ARM or Intel x86

  • ro.product.cpu.abi = armeabi-v7a
  • ro.product.cpu.abi = x86

 you can check all the property by use the command

adb shell getprop

you will find some related property for check the device is 32bit or 64bit  

  • ro.product.cpu.abilist32
  • ro.product.cpu.abilist64
  • ro.product.cpu.abilist

ro.product.cpu.abilist32 shows an ordered list of 32 bit ABIs supported by this device.

We may need to detect the device information in app,   check this page: Build (

import android.os.Build;

and get the information about CPU and ABIs


  • CPU_ABI2
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