Interview with Developer Ifeanyi Ezeofor

One of the most exciting developer contests recently was the Intel® App Innovation Contest, an event spanning 20 countries and featuring multi-language (English, Chinese, and Russian) developer-focused competition. The goal was to generate innovative Windows* 8 desktop demo apps that are optimized for Lenovo* All-In-One and tablet devices, inspire developer creativity, leverage new form factors, and establish new use cases and PC interaction.

Winners were chosen from four regional contest sites in Russia (Habrahabr), China (CSDN), India (ThinkDigit) and the US (Code Project). In addition, there were quite a few stand-out finalists that received prizes and recognition for their innovative projects.

One of these was Ifeanyi Ezeofor, who stood out with his project titled “Live Within”:

“Education is an important sector of the world; imagine the universe when access to education is easy in every location especially Africa and Asia. Code Project is also directly or indirectly educating programmers all over the world, also the United Nation Millennium Development Goal 2 is achieving universal primary education.

Livewithin is an application that will provide virtual classroom over a network (LAN, WLAN, internet or intranet). It uses client-server architecture; the server is the tutor’s pc or tablet, and the student t’s pc or tablet will serve as client.”

The video of this app in action is available here.

Tell us about your development background.

I started with basic markup; xml and html then moved to web development with PHP and ASP, after some years I started developing desktop and application using c# win form and WPF application. I have been moving according to the current trend in development world and the latest in use technology. I also have experience in WCF.

What got you interested in coding, particularly for the App Innovation Challenge?

What got me interested in coding is ‘how powerful a tool it is to create change for humanity’, I have seen people transform their society through one development or another, and I see codding as a tool for me to affect the world positively. I want to be a part of the next positive change in Africa that is why I joined the App Innovation Challenge.

Tell us about your history with the App Innovation Challenge.

I was interested in the AIC because of the concept. The challenge allowed us to choose an area of interest and then to develop a solution for it. Highlights: a conference system without the huge infrastructure, flexible both on the internet and on local network, developed using WCF.

What were the key takeaways/lessons learned?

I learnt a lot about time management as a programmer. I started my development late and from scratch but I was able to finish within the given time.   

What Intel developer tools did you use? Was there anything Intel did to help you in your app development beyond the software tools such as Hackathons, forums, consultation, etc.?

Intel helped me with the provision of some documentation that exposed me more to the technicality of touch devices.

Any particular categories or markets which you are interested in developing apps for?  What’s your motivation? Where do you seek ideas and concepts for new apps?

I develop app as solution, any market I found myself I try to bring change to the convectional way things are done. During the AIC, I was in school so the solution I developed was for African schools.

Tell us about the overall development experience: did everything go smoothly? What challenges did you come across, and how did you solve them?

It all did not go smoothly, one of the challenges I had was on the broadcasting of picture frames and audio captured by my app, I had to redo this phase even as I was approaching deadline. I had many setbacks but I did not give up. I had to access materials and start using them under 3 hours. It was a whole lot of experience for me.

Were you able to finish you app project? Is the app available online? If yes, can you provide a link? Do you have future plans for this project?

I was able to finish my app for the challenge in demo stage; it is not online because I am working on improving the app for market use. However, the video demo of my app can be found here

Since the last Challenge are there any new projects in the horizon? How did the Challenge help you in your professional or personal development projects?

The challenge helped me lot in my profession, especially in time management and speedily delivery of new products.

What did you wish you knew before you got started – and what would you do differently?

I wished I knew how to produce a quality video demo. In my organization, I not responsible for that, but If I knew how to do that I would have created a good video presentation for my demo.

Were there any Intel developer tools and/or resources that you found or find particularly helpful?

The article that helped me was the one provided by Intel during the challenge but I do not have the link again. Another article that I find helpful is ‘Designing for Ultrabook Devices and Touch-enabled Desktop Applications’

Give us an example of a “breakthrough moment” in your app innovation challenge development.

My breakthrough happened on memory management, after development the app kept on using a very big amount of the CPU resources, then I remembered how threading works, I now implemented the same mechanism to reduce the high consumption of CPU resources.

Any tips around other tools, documentation, and/or non-Intel websites which were the most helpful to the dev effort? Where do you go to keep up to date with new developer trends or programs?

Code Project was a great help, Microsoft Academy, MSDN Webcast: Windows Communication Foundation Top to Bottom by Michele Leroux Bustamante, MSDN-the Microsoft developer network.

What other Windows app projects are you currently involved in?

I am currently working on school management system that will unite African high schools and primary schools and improve education standard in Africa.

Where do you see Windows app development in the next five years?

In the next five years, there will still be windows app, but there will be higher demand for metro based app and web app. This is because of the increasing rate of the use of mobile and handheld devices.

How would you encourage other developers who might be interested in Windows app development? Where to get started?

I encourage anyone that might be interested in Windows app development to get started with one of the dotnet languages preferably c#, and make good use of MSDN.

What do you find most interesting or exciting about Windows App development?

Windows app has a very large market especially in Africa. Also it is easy to get started.

Do you have any images, screenshot or videos of your past/current projects or work area which you would don’t mind sharing with others? Social channels?


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