Meet Our New Intel® Black Belt Software Developers!

Representing a wide variety of technology focus areas and new industry leadership models, five new developers were selected to join the elite Intel® Black Belt Software Developer group.

Android*, Intel® RealSense™ and server experts were well represented this year and we had the pleasure of including five members of the recently launched Intel® Innovator Developer Program in the ranks.

Our new Black Belts are as follows:

Justin Link  is an Interactive Media Developer for Chronosapien Interactive from Orlando Florida. He developed a game for the Intel Perceptual Computing Challenge that placed 2nd. The game utilized Intel's Perceptual Computing gesture camera and focused on using gestures and voice to control underwater sea creatures in three mini games. In the top 10% of Intel Innovators, he trained more than 1000 developers on perceptual computing technology including Intel® RealSense™ in 2014.

Dr. John D. McCalpin is a Research Scientist in the High Performance Computing Group at the Texas Advanced Computing Center of the University of Texas at Austin. He is known in the industry as  “Dr. Bandwidth”  for his development of the STREAM benchmark that is widely used to measure high-performance computer systems’ memory bandwidth. He has been a significant contributor to Intel® Xeon® and Intel® Xeon Phi™ technology

Our first Black Belt Developer from India, Abhishek Nandy has been a strong Intel supporter for the past two years developing Intel® RealSense™ applications using Processing and Unity to develop  Android-based games using Project Anarchy. He is currently using the Intel® XDK to create Android apps (Crosswalk framework WebGL integrated) and exploring INDE IDE to build cross-platform apps.

Jacob Pennock is an Intel® RealSense™ expert from the Bay Area. He is Senior Creative Developer, Helios Interactive Technologies & Chief Game Designer / Lead Developer, Livid Interactive.  Some of his gesture recognition work with the Playstation Move controller has been featured on a number of major tech blogs, including: engadget and PCMAG. Playstation LifeStyle published a full interview with Jacob on the topic.

Martin Wojtczykhas created amazing things with Intel RealSense and peers describe his skill level as “9 on a scale of 10.” He wins contests and speaks at shows constantly. Developers can’t get enough of Martin.

For IDF 2014 Doug Fisher asked to see the most interesting Hackathon projects from the last year.  Of all of those projects, Martin’s was chosen and he went on stage with Doug at the Intel DF and showed his Rover, a Lego self-driving car.

We look forward to continue seeing more contributions from these developers. Stay tuned for future blogs and articles about them

Here at Intel, it is our privilege to recognize a developer’s accomplishments by inviting him or her to become an Intel® Software Developer Black Belt Honoree:

The Intel® Black Belt Developer Program recognizes members of our communities who are known for their technical expertise and community leadership. They share their knowledge and collaborate with other members to make our communities stronger. The Black Belt title is reserved for exceptional members who contribute their extensive experience and expertise to the communities. This title also recognizes members for their time and effort contributing technical information to help make Intel® Developer Zone a valuable developer resource.

For more information on the Black Belt Developer Program click here.

Please send any questions (or suggestions for nominations) to Program Manager Kathy Farrel and Program Marketing Manager Russ Beutler.

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Udaya T.'s picture

I have thoughts similar to Donald.  Let's think about it for a moment.  If a teenager works with a microcontroller and periodically writes blogs to garnish his resume for admission to a good engineering college, he would have no choice if the belt is taken away.  I am not sure I understand the logic behind this program.  Does the developer still retain the points even though the belt may be taken away?

Kathy F. (Intel)'s picture

Dear Donald,

I am sorry you feel this way. Green, Brown and Red belt status are based on the "Status Points" total on your profile which is the number of points received in the most recent rolling 12-month period.

I will have the belt designation removed from your profile as you request.

Thank you for your continuing posts!


Kathy Farrel



Donald G.'s picture

I think this whole program is childish and stupid. And the idea that you would actually send an email to a developer to tell them "sorry we have taken away your brown belt" is insulting and infuriating. You certianly succeeded in pissing me off. Is that your intent?

I request a way to opt of of this silliness and have no belts shown on my posts.

jimdempseyatthecove's picture

I'd like to welcome the new Black Belt Developers into our programmers community. I would also like to take this opportunity to give special recognition to Dr. John D. McCalpin as I have found his post particularly insightful and comprehensive. He is one of the rare gems of contributors to IDZ.

Jim Dempsey 

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