Intel and Ubisoft Optimize Cosmos Game Engine for Intel® Platforms

Today, Intel and leading game developer Ubisoft announced that they are working together to add native x86 support to the Ubisoft Cosmos game engine. This enables a long lineup of future mobile game releases from Ubisoft to run natively on x86 platforms. Native execution results in improved load times, performance, and power efficiency compared to non-native games. Games that run longer and perform better provide more compelling experiences for game players, and this translates directly into increased monetization opportunities for publishers.

Assassin's Creed* Pirates, featuring new content and modes, is the first title that will take advantage of the native x86 support in the Cosmos engine. Following on its heels is Driver Speedboat Paradise*, which will take advantage of unique Intel® Graphics features to produce advanced water effects, making the game look even more realistic on Intel® powered tablets.

Ubisoft will describe its efforts in more detail during a live streaming interview with Steve Waskul of during GDC. This video will be available for viewing shortly after GDC. Ubisoft and Intel will continue working together to deliver additional enhancements to the Cosmos engine, which will in turn deliver even more compelling Ubisoft game experiences to users of Intel platforms.

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