Achievement Unlocked Q&A

Q1:  What is Achievement Unlocked?

A1:  Achievement Unlocked is a coordinated, impactful, worldwide effort to help game developers be even more successful at creating great games using Intel® platforms and technology (IA).  Intel® processors with Intel® Iris™ graphics have world-beater performance. We want to make sure you have both the development hardware and expertise to make the best use of Intel Iris graphics on your games. And, because Intel® Core™ and Intel® Atom™ processors power hundreds of millions of consumer devices worldwide, creating games for these systems represents a tremendous business opportunity for developers.

Q2:  What is included in the program?

A2:  For years we have worked to help you be successful at creating great games using IA. But, in 2015 the Intel Game Dev Team has raised its own bar—amping up many aspects of the program including communications, technical assistance, success mentoring and assistance, and industry support.


  • IDZ Game Developer Zone: The IDZ Game Developer Zone at has everything you need to learn what’s new from Intel, find tools and documentation, get support, and help each other as part of a community.
  • Events:  As part of Achievement Unlocked we attend and sponsor classes, and other sessions at game developer events around the world.  Check out our on-line events calendar to find out how to meet with us face-to-face to learn what’s new in the game developer space at Intel.   

Technical Assistance:

  • Developer Technical Resources:  Intel tools, documentation, and unencumbered source code samples help you unlock the full potential of Intel graphics hardware and processors are being improved and organized. You can download them today.
  • Tech Labs:  Tech Labs are held at major developer events and conferences where you can talk to Intel AEs and get help testing and performance profiling your game using Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers. Get the advice you need to achieve the best performance and improve your game’s user experience.
  • Seed Contests:  Contests and other programs to put the latest Intel hardware into the hands of developers (see Terms and Conditions).

Success Mentoring:  In previous years, Intel has taken some big steps to provide success mentoring and community building events for the game developer community.

  • Buzz Workshops and Game Changer Camps: Buzz Workshops and Game Changer Camps provide training and expert mentoring opportunities for developers in creative, technical, and business aspects of game development.  We expect to do even more of these popular events in 2015.
  • Level Up Contest:  This joint effort between Intel and Steam* is extremely popular and offers a path for both promotion and publication on Steam. Check out the 2015 Level Up Contest here.
  • App Packs, Keynote Demos: We are working on a variety of ways to help you take your next big business step by featuring games in demos, keynotes, and our popular Appacks.

Q3:  That sounds like a great program. Is there anything more?

A3:  Through Achievement Unlocked, Intel invests in key areas of the game developer industry including industry leadership through the Open Gaming Alliance; industry education through academic grants, scholarships, and events such as the Intel University Games Showcase; and support for workplace diversity initiatives to achieve our goal of doubling the number of women developing games by 2025. We continue to add and improve the program into the foreseeable future. We encourage all game developers to plug in and stay tuned!

Q4:  What is the Intel® Game Quality Assurance Evangelism Program?

A4:  To help you meet your quality goals, Intel has created the Game Quality Assurance Evangelism Program. As part of Achievement Unlocked this program can help you achieve your vision through QA testing assistance and knowledge. We partnered with top QA labs in the industry to help educate and support QA testing for your game.

Q5:  How can I get involved in Achievement Unlocked?

A5:  You can join the Achievement Unlocked program by registering to be a member of the Intel Developer Zone. You can register here. Keep up to date with contests, events, and the latest technical material by visiting the community on the Developer Zone regularly.


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