Intel Game Changer Camp 2015 - Recap and Videos

On January 31, 2015, at Intel's Santa Clara, California campus, we brought together 55 select game developers and 19 industry experts for a day long event to share ideas, network and collaborate, and look at how they could take their game development to the next level. Here's a recap of some of the topics covered, along with videos of the talks and panels.

2 Minute Overview

This is a short peek at the kinds of conversations that happened at the event. Keep an eye out if you're interested in attending a future Game Changer camp, and for more information, tools, code samples, and other resources for game developers, check out the Intel Game Developer Community.

Panel Highlights

Highlights from the Ideation, Design, Build, and Launch panels. See what our expert panelists had to say about retaining (or throwing away) the vision of your game, what makes a good user experience in a game, how the build and QA/testing team should work together, what to do if you launch and don't see "hockey stick" growth, and more.

Intro - Why Do We Play? - Josh Bancroft (Intel)

Why do humans play? What does it have to do with how we learn, and who we are as a species? And what does human evolutionary biology have to do with game development? Senior Community Strategist and Education Researcher Josh Bancroft (Intel) explores these questions and more. Why do we play?

Design Thinking for Game Developers - Dennis Luo (Intel)

What is design thinking, how does it work, and what does it mean for game developers? Intel's Dennis Luo shares why design thinking is a great way to come up with new ideas, and develop them in a way that's empathetic to those who will actually use them.

Panel: The Ideation Process for Game Developers

Starting from the premise that ideation means putting ideas into valuable action, game industry experts discuss the ideation process - their approaches, processes, and inspiration for coming up with new ideas and getting those ideas into games. Moderated by Intel Community Manager Josh Bancroft. Panelists are:

Panel: Design for Game Developers

How do you take ideas and turn them into more? What does the design process look like for game developers? Do you need a Game Design Document? Game industry experts discuss these questions and more in this panel on the Design process, moderated by Intel's Bobby Oh. Panelists are:

Panel: The Build Process for Game Developers

Description: Once you've got your ideas and your designs, how do you put it all together into a game? Game industry experts discuss their build processes in this panel, including how the best integrate art assets, tips for working with QA and testing, and more. Moderated by Intel Community Manager Josh Bancroft. Panelists are:

Panel: Launching a Game

Once your game is done, getting it out in the world and letting people know about it is the next challenge. Industry experts discuss ways to dip your toes into the water by launching in smaller, more controlled markets, how to get your game noticed in the enthusiast press, and more in this panel moderated by intel's Bobby Oh. Panelists are:

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