Robot Cocktails and Underwater Puzzles: Intel® DevTech Mixer at SxSW 2015

SxSW is the largest interactive five day event of emerging technology, networking, and innovative showcases featuring cutting-edge video games, startup ideas, and development projects. At the Moonshine in Austin, Texas, on March 16th from 7:30 PM to 10 PM, several Intel Software Innovators presented a variety of demos at the Intel®DevTech Mixer.

150 enthusiastic developers and technologists attended the Intel Software-sponsored mixer in Austin, TX during SXSW for an evening of networking and learning. Eight Intel RealSense demos and IoT interactive demos were showcased, including six demos presented by Intel Software Innovators. Fractured Future, Space Between, DrinkieBot, and Dancing Spiders were a few demos showcased at the mixer, which also included networking with Intel technology experts and innovators,  interactive demos, and a social media contest with cool giveaways. 

The mixer kicked off with each attendee receiving an Intel® Software glow bracelet, Stagelight software license, and drink ticket upon entry. The layout allowed developers progress from one technology demo to the next as they made their way around the event space. 


Justin Lassen was composing live music only using a 2:1 laptop with StageLight software. It synced well with the music aspect of  SXSW.  As a bonus to attending the mixer, the Open Labs group was able to giveaway Stagelight Linkin Park licensees to all attendees at the event.

Cylon.JS was so thrilled for this event, that they wanted to bring a new and innovative IoT solution to demo. They premiered the DrinkieBot that allowed you to use your smart watch or a phone app to mix you a cocktail, like a Moscow mule. Needless to say, it was a crowd favorite!

Octoblu displayed their interactive DJ-Art installation called Fractured Future. Using sci-fi inspired control systems and projecting mapping to produce visuals and imagery that shift and change in the pyramid structures, with mixing music in real time.

Head of the Order, byLivid, is a tournament style fighting game where users get to play as wizards and other magical beings while using hand gestures to cast spells at one another. It utilizes the Intel® RealSense™ platform to give players a next generation interactive experience.

Using Intel RealSense technology and Intel® Edison, Peter Ma demonstrated the Anti-Snoozer. The mechanism detects notable sleepy facial expressions, and can vibrate your smartwatch so as to alert the driver awake.

Chronosapien showed off their Intel RealSense platform-based program called Space Between. It is a captivating underwater puzzle game based on gesture sets found within the Intel® RealSense SDK.

Overall, it was a really fun event! Get more behind the scenes images, videos, and info from the Intel®DevTech Mixer here, as well as upcoming events that you can take part in.

Were you at SxSW 2015? Share your favorite events, demos, or happenings in the comments below. 


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