REPLAY: Data Center Optimization Webinar

Intel Data Center Optimization Showcase Presents:  Develop an Optimized SDN and NFV Environment using Intel Software and Hardware

Today Noah and I hosted a great webinar for those developing SDN and NFV solutions on Intel platforms.  Thanks to those for attending. 

This webinar explored how Intel’s debug, analysis, and build tools can be used to optimize and debug system software for the Intel Architecture when applied to networking workloads on a virtual platform.  Specifically, we will show the wide variety of tools available within Intel® System Studio useful to system and application-level developers in the networking space.   We focused on

  • System and application level debugging facilities

  • Power, performance, and memory analysis tools

  • Compiler, library, and threading solutions that can be used regardless of your build environment

To hear the replay, please access the webinar using this link!

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