What Really Drives Us?

Last week, I had the privilege of being a guest on the weekly online show “What Drives Us”, hosted by Danny Cooper and Russel Frost, with additional panelists Patrick Connor and Paul Guzyk (more here: http://whatdrives.us/meet-the-panel). The shows usually covers and dissects a variety of topics around advanced driving technologies such as hybrid and electric cars and industry trends.

Episode #147

For an hour, Episode #147 focuses on Intel’s automotive products and offerings, my role within the Transportation Solutions Group, and some discussions of the implications of adding even more technology in future automotive platforms like autonomous driving. We then touched upon a topic that I’m personally passionate about. Why add all this cool technology? What are the benefits? Is it worth the hassle and disruption to the driver and consumer? The answer is yes. Saving lives, infrastructure costs, mobilizing technology and enabling transportation improvements to directly impact the lives of people around the world make all of the long hours and hard work worth it – this is what drives me.

Discussions like the one we shared in the recent episode are important, as are the enthusiastic and informed technologists like Russel and the panel of WhatDrivesUs embracing and working with the industry and holding us accountable to deliver what is needed and to accelerate the acceptance and promise of advanced driving technologies. Intel and our technology and software partners and community are uniquely positioned to deliver on this promise.

If you have a couple of minutes, watch or listen to the full episode, and as a programmer, technologist, engineer, or a future customer, let’s work together to make tomorrow a reality by working on the “Internet of Important Things.”

Watch Full Episode

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