AnDevCon Boston - My Experience

As the CTO of Black Gate Games (makers of Platino Studio and Platino 3, the only JavaScript game engine to build truly native APKs optimized for Intel's x86 devices) I have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of mobile development conferences focused on both iOS, and Android, or more commonly, both.

Peach Pellen with Intel    Peach Pellen at AnDevCon with Intel

In the more than 7 years I have been in this industry I have attended countless conferences, both in the United States and internationally, but in that entire time I have never been to an Android-centric conference where cross-platform development has an audience interest quite like AnDevCon.

Over two days, myself and CEO of Black Gate Games, John Gould, hung out at the Intel booth showing off Platino, talking to new developers, seasoned developers, web developers - and we found that an overwhelming majority of those who stopped by our corner of the booth were really interested in the idea of moving into cross platform mobile development. This makes sense, given the greatly increased exposure of applications that appear across multiple stores, however that interest surpassed anything I'd expected.   

Peach Pellen at busy Intel Booth AnDeCon    Platino at Intel Booth AnDevCon

Outside of the extremely busy Intel booth, I got to check out a few areas of interest on the floor, including SmartBear Software, who have a great tool chain for monitoring and diagnosing issues in mobile apps, and Dolby, who were showing their Android API; I hadn't looked at it closely until now, but at under 40kb it really opens up a new way to make audio-heavy applications much more powerful without investing months of additional work.

All up, AnDevCon was a fantastic experience, with around 1000 enthusiastic and passionate attendees, creating fostering the ideal atmosphere for discussing all things mobile; and attending as an Intel Innovator gave me the added bonus of working only feet away from fantastic demos such as Testdroid, which I now plan to use in two upcoming projects.

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