How did Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview help Auriga* build its new Wireless Patient Monitoring App?

Here is another success story of how the Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview helped one of our customer firms, Auriga which has been developing innovative solutions for its clients for 25 years in the field of embedded software for medical devices, mobile, cloud and more. Software engineers at Auriga created an app that provides data on patient vital signs to the hospital information system via Wi-Fi.  Auriga engineers demonstrated the app on an Apple iPad* device at the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco in August 2015. This app was originally developed in Java* as a desktop client app and was ported as native mobile app for the Android* and Apple iOS* platforms using the Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview. The details of the app itself can be found here - Auriga's blog

Check out the article on Intel Developer Zone on 

Multi-OS Engine Technology Preview from Intel: Auriga's first-hand experience in creating an iOS* App Using Java*

and the code is available on Github -


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