Celebrate International Women's Day with Intel Software events around the World!


Join us around the world to share your passion about technology with Intel and the community!

The International Women's Day (IWD) happens on March 8th, in order to celebrate women's achievement worldwide. It is a moment to reflect on how far we have reached, but also think about the work that we have ahead. There is a very interesting account on IWD website about the history of this date.

Amazingly, our initial casual conversation that started couple of months ago by stating "We want to be part of IWD movement", quickly became a reality thanks to the dedication and passion of many women worldwide and the support of Intel. It is no news that our industry has a great gap in engaging women. There are estimatives that women are around 28% of Information Technology taskforce. There is not just one single issue that creates this scenario, but rather a number of them. But there are also several efforts that can be done to increase these numbers. In 2015, Intel has launch a commitment with its Diversity program, with very promising results.

Continuing with those efforts, are thrilled to announce a global series of events dedicated to Women in Tech around the world to celebrate the day. We want these events to be an opportunity for those women to share their passion about technology, get together and generally have a great time. 

We have also partnered with the Geekettes project to host events in several hubs around the world. The Geekettes is “a community of women dedicated to helping aspiring and established female tech innovators. We believe that the more women get involved with tech design, development and leadership, the more successful and diverse our companies and products will be in the future.” Check the blog post about events being hosted by Geekettes around the world.

The cool thing about this series of events is that they are just as diverse as the women and organizations that are planning them. For instance, in addition to the common casual networking sessions, the events will also focus on various tech topics such as Internet of Things (IoT), web and mobile development, perceptual computing, and realsense. Depending on the location, the topics may be covered through lightning talks, presentations, hands-on workshops, panels, and demos. 

Is there an event happening in our city! Join them! Is there any other events we should hear about? Leave it in the comments!

Event List:

Event Details:

Munich – March 5th:

Join us and Women Techmakers for the first joint GDG/WTM event in Munich. We'll have exciting speakers and a fun Intel Edison IoT workshop.


Seattle, Washington - March 5th

We are going to participate in an IoT Panel hosted by Google' Women Techmakers


Bangalore, India - March 8th

Join us for a Design Thinking and UX Workshop hosted by Intel Software. Learn about the importance of understanding user needs and rapid prototyping before you write your first line of code. Unravel the secrets to creating compelling user experiences.


Berlin – March 8th

Join the Berlin Geekettes as we celebrate International Women's Day (8 March) in partnership with Intel and Factory Berlin. What to expect: A round of lightening talks (ten minutes each) from some of the brightest stars in Berlin's music-tech world. Stick around after the talks for Q&A, and then for some hands-on music making with the newest in Ableton technology. See who’s attending via our Facebook page


Civitanova Marche – March 8th

Join our Software Innovator Francesca Tosi in an evening to talk about technology with the Geek Girls Dinner Marche and others! Perceptual computing, software development, marketing and startups brought in from industry experts who will talk about their experience and their reflections.


Detroit, Michigan - March 8th

We are going to celebrate the achievements of Women in Tech and learn about Internet of Things. We are going to host a workshop on how to use the Intel IoT Developer Kit and present demos.


Gaza – March 8th

Gaza Geekettes celebrates International Women's Day! (Powered by Intel and Gaza Sky Geeks).

This event will discuss several topics related to women studying or working in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).


Kolkata, India - March 8th

Join us for a free session for women on 3D Scanning, Virtual Reality and other cool cutting edge technologies on Women's Day. You don't have to be a techie to join, no coding or programming knowledge required. At the event, you can scan yourself into an avatar of your choice, be a princess or a sporty snow boarder or more. Play around with remote gesture recognition and motion control.... Basically the stuff they show in high-tech movies, right here in Calcutta! A treat from MakersLoft for the fabulous women in the city.


Lisbon – March 8th

To celebrate the International Women’s Day, Portugal Geekettes are hosting an event on the Internet of Things.Powered by Intel, this event will take place at Microsoft in Lisboa. Confirmed speakers include: Cristina Lopes & Teresa Horta e Costa from Muzzley.


Munich  – March 8th:

Join us and Munich Geekettes for several activities and presentations exploring different aspects of technology. This event will start with an IoT lab from Intel, featuring the Intel Edison board, where participants can bring their laptops if they want to try it too. There will also be talks on User Experience and Market Insights, closing with a panel on startups.

Please RSVP HERE. 

New York  – March 8th

Celebrate this International Women's Day by deploying your app or site up to the Web. Join us and our friends at DigitalOcean for a tech-filled evening, where on-site experts will help you learn how to host your LAMP, PHP, Rails, or Node.js projects. For all those not in NYC, deploy your code online and use the #SetYourCodeFreeIWD.


Sao Paulo – March 8th

Intel Maker Day for Girls! As part of the Women in IT Week, Intel is hosting an IoT workshop for students of local schools.


Tallahassee, Florida - March 8th

We are going to celebrate the achievements of Women in Tech and learn about Internet of Things. 

Toronto, Canada - March 8th

We are hosting a Lab Of One's Own, a technology workshop and conversation in collaboration with ReFiG. We are celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women* focusing on technology and fabrication. Our goal is to connect, learn and be inspired by each other. The evening will consist of an Genuino 101 workshop and presentation of demo using the Intel IoT Developer Kit. You need no prior knowledge to join us, we want participants of all levels! We will begin by exploring electronics in groups, with guidance we will build creative projects. This will be hands-on exploration. 


Twin Cities - March 15th

This month the Twin Cities Geekettes will be collaborating with Target and Intel to showcase a panel of women in technology in celebration of International Women's Day.


Los Angeles, California - March 25th

Join our Intel IoT Software Innovator, Catherine Rhee for an event dedicated to Women's Veterans. She are going to host a workshop with the Intel Edison board and present demos.


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