Celebrating Women's International Day - THANKS For Joining Us!

During the International Women's Day for 2016, Intel demonstrated its commitment to diversity sponsoring a series of events around the world to celebrate the occasion. We reached out to the community, and together with Intel employees,Intel Software Innovators, the Geekettes, Women Tech Makers and the organization of Women In Tech Week in Brazil, we had a great time. Around the world, 16 cities held events, and more than 800 people participated, most of them women. We thought you also would like to have a look of everything that happened!
We were joined by +50 developers, to talk about the Intel Developer Kit at the Women Tech Makers celebration. Organized by the WTM and the GDG Munich, the event was hosted at Microsoft. Presentations covered security, face and voice recognition, as well as the challenges faced by collecting and repurposing old mainframes. Check the pictures here
We were joined by around 200 women at Women Tech Makers celebration at Google Campus. During the one day event, we participated in an IoT Panel where 5 panelist discussed a variety of questions related to IoT, Women in Tech, and how corporations can support communities. The panel session was followed by a reception where we got to showcase some hardware used to develop IoT projects and we got to network. 
Google Mural
We received around 40 women for a great evening around technology.
  • We started with an IoT workshop by Sulamita Garcia, showing Intel Edison and the Developer Kit. A session of live coding always means live debugging, and it's quite entertaining to do debugging in group.
  • We then had Alessandra Petromili, an UX expert, telling about how much she learned about user satisfaction from a pastry chef.
  • We introduced the Intel Code for Good initiative, "an initiative that aims to foster volunteerism and relationships between developers who want to make the world a better place and non-profit organizations. If you have a passion to collaborate with others and support projects that can improve your community or the environment, this is for you!" 
  • After a networking break, Christiane Reimann, from Intel Market and Insights group, talked about Trends in Technology. Did you know there are apps for competing with your friend for who spends the least time with their phone? Technology detox is a trend!
  • We then closed with an inspiring panel with startup founders and investors: Daria Sarahova, Galina Bankova and Steffi Feldmann, moderated by Hannah Klose from 12min.me.
Pictures here. 


We received 34 participants. The event started off with keynote by Suprabha who welcomed the audience and shared industry insight and her experience in the industry. Next Dipesh took the Design Thinking workshop and introduced the audience with the importance and 5 key phases of design thinking process and discussed in details each stage. Later the audience where paired to practically implement and undergo all the steps of design process.

Shwetha introduced UX and its difference with UI and how to build a good UX and explained the process to few good UX design.

A video session by Pooja (innovator) who shared her journey of being a software innovator and encouraged the audience to be a part of the innovation. The last session was taken by me where I introduced the Intel Software Innovator Program to the audience and how Intel has been supporting makers, thinkers and innovators through the program. The day ended with networking and snacks.



We hosted the International Women's Day Event “Music & Tech” at the Factory Berlin. Close to 300 guests attended (with 656 event registrations). Our speakers included:

  • Donna Maya (Musician, Producer, Ableton Certified Trainer) - Donna gave insights into her career path, her experience as a female music producer in NYC and Germany, and her personal opinion on the current and future conditions of the music scene.
  • Teshia Treuhaft (Senic) - Tesha shared her experience from being a furniture designer to becoming a hardware and tech expert.
  • Kat Young (SoundCloud, Salt + Sass) - Kat introduced her meetup called Salt + Sass for female music producers.
  • Amélie Anglade (Music Data Science Consultant, Former SoundClouder) - excused due to illness
  • Steinunn Arnardottir (Native Instruments) - Steinunn explained her background in Audio Engineering, her work at Native Instruments as a DSP developer, and how she chose her career.
  • Michaela Bürgle (Ableton) - Michaela gave insights into Ableton's current diversity approach and current situation as well as suggestions for improving diversity in the team.

Pictures here.

Civitanova Marche - 

About 30 attendees have gathered around our 5 speakers for an afternoon-long talk about media, software development, e-commerce, marketing and definitely how the ever changing technology world transformed our work and everyday life.

Of course, being March 8 the International Women’s day we decided to have 5 female speakers hoping to present role models of women in tech.


The Intel Code for Good initiative was also presented to participants. It is "an initiative that aims to foster volunteerism and relationships between developers who want to make the world a better place and non-profit organizations. If you have a passion to collaborate with others and support projects that can improve your community or the environment, this is for you!" 



  • Francesca Tosi | Intel Software Innovator  "Intel Real Sense e Perceptual Computing" [Slides]
  • Anna Torcoletti | Co-founder GGD Marche - Consulente e formatrice strategica “Digital Transformation & Agile Marketing” [Slides]
  • Eleonora Cipolletta | Organizer GGD Marche - Social Media Analyst - Head of Monitoring Team presso Doing “Digital Transformation & BigData” [Slides]
  • Federica Capezzone "Una donna, la sua startup digitale, alla ricerca del ristorante più bizzarro !" [Slides]
  • Gioia Feliziani | Marketing e Comunicazione digitale - Consulente e Formatore "Dall’ecommerce al social commerce o everywhere commerce: focus startups" [Slides]

Pictures here.

Detroit, Michigan - March 8th

The ACM-W chapter at Wayne State University along with Lanyu, an Intel IoT Software Innovator celebrated IWD with a group of 25 women. They started off with an icebreaker session, followed by a presentation and discussion around the meaning of International Women’s day. Afterwards, the ladies led a technical session around IoT using the Intel IoT Developer Kit. They brainstormed on how IoT can be applied to different fields and then they built a project focusing on collecting environmental data.

Participants were excited to network with like-minded people and do hands-on work. As a result, during the closing session, the participants teamed-up and brainstormed project ideas based on the new information presented during the meetup. 

More information about the event along with pictures can be found here.


We had 80 participants, 20 people between organizers and speakers. We started with a debate session on Women participating and working in STEM (The main question was,do you agree with encouraging women to study/work in STEM, or not).

Then we had a panel discussion with:

  • Asmaa Madi, a developer at a gaming company Baskalet, and her husband Osayd Madi the co-founder of the same company.
  • Hadeel El Safadi, a special entrepreneur and a co-founder of a multimedia company, and her father.

In this panel we wanted to highlight some good examples for men supporting and encouraging their wifes or daughters. They talked about their ups and downs, their main challenges, their future plans and advises for other families.

After that we had a special panel with Lina Shamia, Regional Manager of Palestinian IT Association of  Companies – PIT. Lina shared how she reached this position, her challenges and advises.

Finally we had a session on bridging the gab between the academic skills and labor market needs, and we shared special prizes with everyone who engaged in this session.

Pictures here.


10 participants

Started off with 3 booths of technology experience. Had different setups on Intel technology where demo were showcased evolving technologies. One booth was dedicated wholly to RealSense. They had a 3D printer placed where they were showing how can one scan a person using R200 camera and take 3D print of it. One booth was for IOT and how it impacts our lives. With Intel Edison they showed how they can integrate different services and also combine best of both technologies such as RealSense with IOT One booth was dedicated for AR experience where AR apps built with Unity specifically meant for Intel architecture was showcased as demo on Intel based Asus Zenfone.

After the brief intro to Intel Software Innovator program videos from Peach Pellen and a webcast video from Pooja Baraskar was shown.

Later a tour of Makers Loft and showcased ways they bring in different Intel based technologies and create projects was talked about. Ended the day with networking and snacks.



The event in Portugal was all about IoT. It event took place at Microsoft, in Lisbon and it started around 19h00 with a dinner and then we had talks. The speakers were Cristina Lopes and Teresa Horta e Costa from Muzzley and Beverly Bachmayer from Intel and ACM.

We were around 50 people, counting the participants, organisers and speakers. We had amazing feedback. People said that they have been to Microsoft Lisbon for so many events, but ours was completely different and awesome. They loved the food and were pretty enthusiastic about everything. They asked a lot of questions to the speakers and loved Beverly stories and knowledge. I remember the participants checking under the tables for a plug to connect Bev’s computer. And of course, computers have priority over pretty tables and they connected the computer and Beverly showed them how it worked. They loved the venue and the mood. After the event they asked us when were we going to do the next events and were happily surprised with our sponsor, Intel.

Here are the pictures and here is the video. You can also find the link here to the video on Youtube. 

Sao Paulo -

An Intel Maker Day for Girls was created for 07-18 years old students of nearby schools. 95% of the attendees belongs to the Crescer Sempre organization, witch is located in the Paraisópolis low income community in São Paulo city. It was part of the Women in Technology Week event, witch honors Grace Hopper in this edition. They were welcomed at Intel auditorium by Patrícia Miron, Latin America Marketing Manager; Fernanda Sato ,Corporate Affairs Manager; and Nuno Simões, Latin America Software Initiatives Director. After that, they had a workshop for working with the new Arduino 101. 

The girls were divided in groups, and them received proposals to work with.The objective was to identify a problem in the society and discuss different solutions. They were equipped with an Intel classmate PC and an Arduino 101 board. At the end of the event they had 1min to present their solutions and the proposals were amazing! i.e:

  • App to prevent bulling
  • App to prevent animal’s violence
  • Device to support blind people
  • IoT Wearable to track your health and help in emergencies

Pictures here and here is a video!!

Toronto, Canada - March 8th

The event was celebrated with 30 women from the community and included a workshop and lightning talks hosted by Lab of Ones Own. 

Workshop: We held a workshop where participants worked in groups to develop future communication devices using the Genuino and Grove Kit. The groups brainstormed possible devices collaboratively, using sticky notes. They then used the hardware to prototype something that could create the functionality they were looking for. The groups worked really well together, with more experienced mentors guiding those with less experience through the technology. I didn't have a chance to take quotes down, other than one women exclaiming, "We can do anything!" after they got their buzzer sketch working. That group also collaboratively drummed on the table to use the piezo sensor, which was delightful. The project ranged from a method of displaying stress levels to ways to commune with ghosts. 

Lightning talks: 

  • Emma Westecott spoke about research happening in the Super Ordinary Laboratory looking at barriers to women in entrepreneurship. She also spoke about Refig and the game:play lab.
  • Ashley Jane Lewis spoke about the difficulties of creating diverse maker communities, and spoke about the lessons learned building 'lady maker' communities and how these can be applied to create communities that invite and include 'minority makers'.
  • Sagan Yee spoke about her role as the executive director of the Hand Eye Society, working with makers in video game spaces, and how a program for women in video games catalyzed a change in her work, and how the program has had a ripple effect throughout the games community.
  • Nadine Lessio spoke about the pitfalls inherent in viewing learning to program as easy. She provided practical steps to take to get through the difficulties that will crop up when learning the complexities of a new toolset.
  • Elena Yunusov spoke about the importance of story telling and building connections. She emphasized that women should do the work they want to do now, and not wait for permission because we are all excellent at the work we do.

Pictures here

Twin Cities

Approximately 50 people joined the event. We have four speakers and they had varied topics ranging from advice on how to be successful and happy, UX, girls in gaming and being a new developer in the real world.

Pictures here.

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