Mesh Commander v0.1.7 Released

Mesh Commander 0.1.7 was just released. This time around, we are adding a significant new feature. Everyone seriously using Intel AMT knows that automation is essential to get management working smoothly on a large scale. You need to be able to quickly configure, modify, gather data and perform custom management operations. To do this quickly and on many machines, you need to be able to script Intel AMT.

Ever since my work on Commander and the DTK over 12 years ago, scripting has always been something that was needed but difficult to do in practice. Today, we are releasing our own new lightweight scripting language specifically built for Intel AMT. All versions of Mesh Commander will be able to run scripts, and some versions will also have the script authoring tool included. Once you build a script, running it is as easy as drag & dropping the script file on the Mesh Commander web page.

As part of the new Mesh Commander package, we included the new language documentation, but moving forward, we expect for have collections of pre-existing scripts to make it easy for everyone.

You can get the latest version of Mesh Commander is at

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Ylian Saint-Hilaire

The new scripting language comes with a JavaScript compiler and turns the script into
binary. This makes it very easy for the running code to parse & run the commands.

The latest Mesh Commander 0.1.7 now includes a simple script editor. The language is designed
to be easy to parse so that running the script requires very little code.


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