Hacking Surgery, London: Healthcare Hackathon by Touch Surgery and BAPRAS

This weekend, Touch Surgery hosted its first Healthcare Hackathon in collaboration with BAPRAS innovation group and sponsored by Intel® Code for Good. It has been a tremendous success, and it was inspiring to see so many great minds come together for a common purpose and build something truly awesome!

Saturday, June 6, at Balderton Capital, we gathered doctors, engineers, marketers and general entrepreneurs in a room. The primary goal of this hackathon was to bring together a diverse and dynamic group of surgeons, medical & business professionals, designers and engineers for an intense 36 hours of brainstorming and research to develop solutions that could address challenges facing healthcare today.

The teams would then present in front of the other participants and four impressive judges; Russell Buckley, James Wise; Vishal Gulati and Brendan Martin.

There were 7 teams. All brainstorming, researching and identifying solutions.

Team Lister presented a Patient oriented real-time operating list

Teams V-Tec and Openscope were hacking the way we can improve microsurgical training.


Team PJ (Patient Journey) presented a similar problem and solution to the Lister app through a series of short videos that they had work very hard to produce.


Team InSpire taught us the importance of breathing right and the impact that can have on patient outcome. Their nifty solution would gamify a way to helping the world breath better.


Team care tracker described a mobile health passport empowering both people seeking and providing healthcare to connect and support each other.


Team Sens8 pitched a smart patch that would detect early signs of infection. This was a particularly memorable pitch because the judges couldn’t bare looking at the oozing and infected neck that took up the screen during the introduction slide.


The run up to the announcement of the winning team was a little tense. Judges announced Lister as the winning project. Photos were taken and hands were shaken. Lister would be the team that hacked surgery the best that weekend.


Team Lister Members:

Team Lister
Ali Bahsoun 
Ali Abdaal 
Anya Zeitlin 
Mohammed el Sayed 
Nadine Haram 
Namrata Rastogi 
Ryan Kerstein 





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