MeshCentral2 - Alpha 2

Fresh off the latest release of MeshCommander 0.2.8, I just released MeshCentral2 Alpha 2, the very latest in super easy to setup and use cloud management solution. MeshCentral2 now has a full Intel® AMT MPS server so it can now receive and handle Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) connections. Better yet, it does so better than any software I have seen before. You can go from almost nothing to running your own server and managing Intel® AMT computers over the cloud in a few minutes. On top of all that, MeshCentral2 integrates the very latest version of MeshCommander so you can not only get Intel® AMT connections setup quickly, you can use these connections to immediately manage your computers and it’s all web based.

Along with this release, I recorded a YouTube tutorial video showing how to get CIRA setup. In this version, we setup CIRA manually using MeshCommander. In some ways, this is pretty amazing since you need lots of software working perfectly to perform this task manually with such ease. Future versions will automate this making the process even easier.

Feel free to give MeshCentral2 a spin: download it here, follow installation instructions and if you like, get CIRA setup. MeshCentral2 does not yet have an in-band MeshAgent, but we are working on that, right now you can only manage Intel® AMT machines.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire

MeshCentral2 now has a full Intel AMT MPS / CIRA server so you can manage your
Intel® AMT computers over the cloud. Best of all, the server is amazingly simple to install.

In this flow, we manually setup Intel® AMT to connect to the server. In the future we will
automate this, but having all of the software to do it manually is really great.

Take a look for yourself, in this demonstration video I manually configure Intel® AMT with CIRA settings
and get Intel® AMT connected to a new server. Everything is done in a few minutes.

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