Indies with Intel at PAX West

PAX West

I’m excited to share that this year, at PAX West, the Intel booth (4th Floor, Booth #625) will have two demos featuring innovation from indie game developers.

Eight of the ten winners of the 2016 Intel® Level Up Game Dev Contest will be in our booth showing their games on this years contest platform - the Razer Blade Stealth.

TimeFriday (9/2)Saturday (9/3)Sunday (9/4)Monday (9/5)
Morning (10-2)Little BugOverlandAnimated Puzzles StarDuskers
Afternoon (2-6)Ellipsis - Touch.
Explore. Survive.
ElsinoreGuns of Icarus AllianceShe Remembered

Two of the winners, Pocketwatch Games and Studio Canvas, will be showing their games Tooth and Tail and GoatPunks on a 4-person multiplayer living room gaming experience on Intel’s latest NUC (codenamed Skull Canyon). In addition to the two Level Up winners we’ll have six additional indies showing their games as well.

TimeFriday (9/2)Saturday (9/3)Sunday (9/4)Monday (9/5)
Morning (10-2)Move or DieKnight SquadSpeedRunnersTooth and Tail
Afternoon (2-6)BFF or DieGoatPunksTumblestoneDuck Game
Little Bug
Tooth and Tail
Goat Punks
Guns of Icarus
Animated Puzzles
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