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At the 2016 Intel Developer forum in San Francisco this August, Intel announced Project Alloy,  an all-in-one virtual reality solution.  Since then game devs have been asking me what I know and how they can get involved.  Quite transparently, what I know is limited – I probably know only as much as you do, but I’ll share what I do know.


The Alloy platform delivers a set of new and immersive experiences – dubbed merged reality – by using Intel’s RealSense technologies that are optimized for VR usages.  Right now it’s being worked on internally and will likely be opened up in 2017 for use by developers.


Here’s the official press announcement:


I will update this blog post as more information becomes available for sharing.




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Hey Mitchell

Thanks for the info! It's better than we have so far :)

We're based in Sydney, Australia, building a 4K movie, AAA game and VR/MR service and platform on Intel NUC appliances. Fist one is based on Skull Canyon and our patent pending Secure Peer Assist network technology. Some early info at

We would love to get early access to the dev program for Alloy. There's some awesome VR developers down here doing world class stuff who want to work with us on SC and Alloy. Check out and just for starters!

Really appreciate it if you could connect us to the Alloy folks please.

many thanks

Rhett S

CEO & CTO, GT Systems

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