Top Ten Intel® Software Developer Stories | November

Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Real Time Optimization with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers

Find out how to use the free Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers (Intel® GPA) to conduct real-time analysis on just about any game or graphics workload.

Direct N-body Simulation

Direct N-body Simulation

Modernize a piece of code through a provided example application. The source code is an N-body simulation, which is a simulation of many particles that gravitationally or electrostatically interact with each other.

Pressure Sensor

Tutorial: Intel® IoT Gateway, Industrial Oil & Gas Pressure Sensor, and AWS* IoT

Develop application software to control a pressure sensor using the Intel® NUC and Intel® IoT Gateway Developer Hub.

Artificial Intelligence

How to Get Started as a Developer in AI

Learn the basics of AI—what it is and how industries use it. See where opportunities lie for developers and find resources to help you get started.

Ray Tracing

Embree* Ray Tracing on Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processors

This video demonstrates interactive photo-realistic ray tracing with the Embree* ray tracing library on the latest Intel® Xeon Phi™ processors.

AI Basics

An Artificial Intelligence Primer for Developers

Learn why this is the best time to begin integrating AI into your products, services, and your business processes.

Intel® Advisor

Intel® Advisor 2017 Update: What’s New

Intel® Advisor now offers a great step forward in visual performance optimization with a new Roofline model analysis feature. This feature provides insights beyond vectorization, such as memory usage and the quality of algorithm implementation.

Flap Your Wings!

Fly in VR with Leave the Nest*

Flap your little wings to take off from your cozy nest, and embark on an adventure as you fly through the world with this interactive game.

Kingsoft Cloud*

Boosting Kingsoft Cloud Image Processing with Intel® Xeon® Processors

See how Kingsoft Cloud optimizes the imaging processing task to run on systems equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors.

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