The Fab Five: Game Dev Content | February

Setting Up Destructive Meshes

Unreal Engine* 4: Setting Up Destructive Meshes

Use this quick guide that includes code samples to set up PhysX Lab* destructible mesh in an Unreal Engine* 4 project.

Shadow's Kiss*

Recap: Game Developer Showcase at Austin Game Conference

See the winners from the Developer Showcase hosted by Intel at the Austin Game Conference.

E-sports at Buzz Workshop

Buzz Workshop Los Angeles

Watch the videos from the The Intel® Buzz Workshop Series event held at the Los Angeles Film School last November which focused on the future of e-sports.

Platform Analyzer

Getting Started with Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers—Platform Analyzer

Learn about Platform Analyzer—one of the features of Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers. This tool provides offline performance analysis capability by reviewing the task timelines among real hardware engines, software queues for the GPU scheduler, and background thread activities.

Performance Analysis and Optimization

Performance Analysis and Optimization for PC-Based VR Applications From the CPU’s Perspective

Introducing a general methodology to profile, analyze, and tackle bottlenecks and hotspots in PC-based virtual reality (VR) applications regardless of the underlying engine or VR runtime used.

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