MeshCommander v0.4.4 released

Now that Intel® AMT 11.6 is released, it’s finally time to circle back and highlight a big new feature of 11.6 that has been in the works for a long time: Web Storage and the ability for the default Intel® AMT web UI to be replaced. Ever since the start, Intel® AMT has always had a basic web page you could access with any browser. Because it’s all out-of-band, you could access the web page from a browser even if the target computer was soft-off, sleeping or had a non-functioning operating system. Over the last 10 years, the web has come a long way. The built-in Intel® AMT web page offers basic capabilities, but we can do a lot better now with HTML5 and WebSockets.

MeshCommander is not only a tool for managing Intel® AMT, it also comes with alternative version of MeshCommander that can be loaded into Intel® AMT 11.6 and above firmware, replacing the default web page and offering most of what any computer administrator would need to remotely manage a computer. In this short YouTube video, I show an introduction to Intel AMT 11.6 web storage and how to take advantage of it to replace the default WebUI. Personally, I find this feature amazing. Opening up Intel® AMT usages to any authenticated browser on the network, it’s never been easier to use active management.

And one more thing… Just released MeshCommander v0.4.4 with hardware KVM multi-display support. MeshCommander will automatically show additional screen buttons on the bottom left of the desktop viewer and you can easily click to switch between displays. Works with up to 3 displays as long as they are connected to Intel graphics.

The latest version of MeshCommander is at As usual, feedback is appreciated.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire


With Intel® AMT 11.6, you can upload an alternative index.htm and logon.htm
To be loaded into firmware. This opens up many new possibilities for easy browser based management.
(Chess game below is an example from not included with MeshCommander)


This new Youtube video shows a quick introduction to Intel® AMT Web Storage and
how to replace the default WebUI with a MeshCommander web page.

MeshCommander now supports Intel® AMT hardware KVM multi-displays.
Use the buttons on the bottom right to switch displays. Buttons will automatically show up when supported.

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Mesh commander is working great for me except for the IDE-R.  Has anyone gotten this working on Linux?  When I try it with the NodeJS version, it asks to be pointed to IDER storage server, which I cannot find any documentation about creating.  When I try it with teh NodeWebkit version, I get an error saying TypeError:  Cannot read property 'Init' of null.  I have followed the error and found the error is happening around line 2077 at if (obj.m.imrsdk).  I was thinking that maybe it isn't seeing my imrsdk.dll even though I put it into /usr/lib64 which is in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH.  I am entirely out of ideas.  IDER does work using the imrcli tool in the Intel AMT SDK, but it would be fantastic to have it working in meshcommander.

Hi Yilan,

This looks really interesting.

Sorry to bring this up again but we still can't KVM remote desktop to our vPro machines using the NodeJS webserver running on a Linux box.  We can get successfully connected to the machine but the Remote Desktop doesn't work - is this by design?

Noticed something today when configuring a new device.  When I setup a wake alarm and save it, the time changes by an hour.  So 19:57:00, when saved, displays 6:57 PM.  If I edit it the time field shows 18:57:00 even though I originally typed 19:57:00.

I have tried this on multiple devices with the same result.  Easy enough to work around, but thought you'd like to know.

Wish I had a machine running 11.6 to play around with this.  

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