Trending on IoT: Our Most Popular Intel® IoT Developer Stories for February

IoT Hackathon

Intel® IoT Solutions Hackathon

Developers have the opportunity to create next generation of connected devices and solutions at the IoT Solutions Hackathon in Furth, Germany March 11-12, 2017.

Intel® NUC

Enable Amazon's Alexa* Voice Service on the Intel® NUC

Use your Intel® IoT Gateway and Arduino 101* (branded Genuino 101* outside the U.S.) board along with the Grove* Starter Kit to connect to Amazon's Alexa* Voice Service.

Autonomous Driving

Missteps in Securing Autonomous Vehicles

Can autonomous vehicles be hacked? Learn more about cybersecurity in autonomous driving.

 Flyswatter* 2 JTAG* Debugger

Getting Started Using the Flyswatter* 2 JTAG* Debugger

Learn to use software tools for the Arduino* 101 board to build innovative projects for smart cities, smart home, and more.

TechBubble* Technologies IoT JumpWay*

Control an LED Using an Intel® Edison Board

Find codes that will help you set up a basic device that controls an LED. Connect the Intel® Edison board to the TechBubble Technologies IoT JumpWay* using the Python* MQTT Library.

Software Innovators Program

What is the Intel® Software Innovator program? A Quick Look

The Intel® Software Innovator program is specifically designed to support independent developers learning to use the latest technology and open-source software in bringing their ideas to life.

Grove Commercial Gateway IoT Kit

Simplify the Monitoring and Managing of IoT Solutions

Streamline your commercial IoT solutions with the latest Grove* IoT Commercial Gateway Kit powered by Intel and Microsoft*.

Zephyr* Application Development

Flashing the Zephyr* Application Using a JTAG Adapter

Build and flash the Zephyr hello world image onto the X86 processor of the Arduino* 101 platform on Ubuntu* for experimentation and testing.

autonomous driving

How to Get Started Developing for Automated Driving

Explore the tools Intel offers to help you develop innovative solutions for automated driving.

Transportation in a Box Solution

IoT Reference Implementation: The Making of a Transportation-in-a-Box Solution

Learn how to build from existing IoT project narratives to create your own unique project using resources from Intel—without starting from scratch.

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Intel IoT

Trending Developer Stories for March

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