Metal Minds

AI in Healthcare

Metal Minds:  AI in Healthcare

Metal Minds is a collection of the best articles and blogs focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learningfrom the Intel® Developer Zone.  

Clinical Trial Screening Clinical Trial Patient Screening via Genome Analysis

Read about this analysis which speeds the identification of patients who meet the criteria for a clinical trial leading to more effective treatments.


Tumor Visualization
High Fidelity 3D Visualization of Evolving Brain Tumors

In this demo, the power of parallelism and scalability allows physicians and researchers to identify even subtle changes in pathology.


Cancer ScreeningDeep Learning for Virtual Cancer Screening

Find out how using algorithms to analyze a virtual library of chemical compounds helps to create faster and more effective treatment options for cancer patients. 


3-D Imaging with Microscope3D Imaging with Cryo-Electron Microscopy

Funded in part by Intel® Parallel Computing Centers, the ROME System was developed to rapidly assemble 2D Cryo-EM images into 3D high-resolution structures.


Pharmacy Drugs Accelerating Crucial Steps in Drug Development 

See what’s new in Life Sciences simulation for cancer research, drug development, patient screening, and visualization.

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