The Fab Five: Game Dev Content | March

Level Up Contest 2017

Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest

The 2017 Intel® Level Up Game Developer Contest is open for entries! Now is your chance to create a new game that showcases the potential of multicore scaling, the latest Intel® processors, or other next-generation innovation.

Streaming Cloud Infrastructure

Streamlining Cloud Gaming Infrastructure

Learn about the challenges and advantages of developing and delivering end-user games located in cloud-based datacenters.

Ashes of Singularity

Why Threading Matters for Ashes of the Singularity*

See how Ashes of the Singularity*, a recent real-time strategy (RTS) game from Oxide Games* and Stardock Entertainment*, delivers excellent gameplay and performance on systems with more CPU cores.

The Unspoken

Console to PC VR: Lessons Learned from The Unspoken

Going from a 30-fps console experience to 90-fps on high-end virtual reality rigs requires performance-aware design decisions and engine improvements. Read how Insomniac Games* worked to eliminate bottlenecks and improve performance.

Shape Song*

Creating Immersive Virtual Worlds Within Reach of Current-Generation CPUs

Justin Link from Chronosapien* shares his knowledge on what makes a believable and compelling VR environment, along with what it takes to enable that from a hardware perspective focusing on the CPU.

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