MeshCentral2 - Alpha 4

Coming back from spring break in Oregon, I have been at work on the release of MeshCentral 2 Alpha 4. This is a big release, not only because there are many new features, some never before seen in MeshCentral, but especially because of how MeshCentral2 will get distributed from now on. Being able to quickly setup a new server and keeping it up to date has always been a problem, especially if you want to be able to do this across many platforms like both Windows and Linux. Starting this week, MeshCentral 2 is now distributed on NPM, the NodeJS package manager. People who know what NPM is will immediately understand why this is big news. On many platforms, you now just have to type “npm install meshcentral” and you got the latest MeshCentral2 on your system ready to launch. This change alone will make MeshCentral2 more accessible to more people a lot faster. You can now keep your server up to date easily, just type “npm update meshcentral”. Works on Windows and Linux if NodeJS is installed.

In addition, MeshCentral 2 Alpha 4 has server-side file support. You can upload and download files to and from the server and each user is assigned a server space quota and can share files publicly. This makes MeshCentral2 much like a miniature cloud file storage service. You can drag & drop files into the server in the cloud and get them back when you need them. Super easy. Moving forward, this feature will because even more useful as we also have a file bucket on the server for each mesh allowing future mesh agents to upload/download files from the server on their own. Having a server side file repository will be super useful moving forward.

Thanks to Joko Sastriawan, MeshCentral2 now support TLS connections within CIRA for Intel® AMT. Sometimes Intel® AMT is setup to require TLS connections and when communicating to Intel® AMT over CIRA, a double-encrypted tunnel is required. MeshCentral2 will now automatically detect this situation and handle it properly. This said, if TLS is optional, double encryption is avoided whenever possible to boost speed.

MeshCentral2 is still early code. The Mesh Agent does not work so, I don’t generally recommend installing MeshCentral2 just yet for most people. This said, we are racing forward to a first usable non-Alpha version. Bryan Roe is hard at work on MeshAgent2 which looks like it’s going to be very impressive.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire


MeshCentral2 is now distributed using NPM, the NodeJS package manager.
This makes deploying a new MeshCentral server super easy on many platforms.
NPM Link:


This all new server side file buckets on MeshCentral2 enables users to upload files
to the server and share them publicly. Moving forward, this enables many new usages.


MeshCentral2 has excellent support for Intel® AMT CIRA and this version is
even better with automatic handling of TLS within CIRA when required.

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