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Credit card fraud

Enhancing Outlier Detection with Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library 

Fraud creates unusual or irregular activities that are called outliers or anomalies. Learn how Intel® Data Analytics Acceleration Library (Intel® DAAL) helps optimize outlier detection when running on systems equipped with Intel® Xeon® processors.

The Intel® AI Academy Student Developer Program

Intel® AI Academy University Workshops and Seminars

The Intel® AI Academy Student Developer Program is coming to a university near you. See what students are learning and find out where and when the next technical workshop and seminar will be held.

Big Data

Performance and Agility with Big Data in a Containerized Environment

Learn how Intel’s collaboration with BlueData* enables enterprises to quickly and easily deploy Big Data using Docker* containers.

Neural Network

Introduction to Deep Learning with the Intel® Nervana™ Technology and the Neon™ Framework

John Lakness, an Intel engineer, provides an in-depth look into the various techniques and methods for training deep neural networks using the Neon™ framework.

Intelligent Vehicles

From Smart to Intelligent Vehicles Through Affective Computing

Can your car sense when you are stressed and distracted and help you?  Find out more about affective computing – when machines understand emotions.

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