Top Ten Intel Software Developer Stories | June

Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin

AI Student Ambassador Ngesa Marvin: A Community Advocate in Kenya

Meet Ngesa Marvin who is using his education, skill, and passion for artificial intelligence to drive positive change in Africa.


VentureBeat* and Intel Team Up

Intel now has a Game Dev presence on VentureBeat*. You’ll find news, development tools, and tutorials, along with interviews with some of today’s most innovative and inspiring game developers.

MPI For Python*

Exploring MPI (Message Passing Interface) for Python* on the Intel® Xeon Phi™ Processor

We'll show you how to use the new MPI for Python* package using Intel(R) Distribution for Python. You'll also learn to use OpenMP* and Intel AVX-512 instructions in order to fully take advantage of the Intel(R) Xeon Phi(TM)processor architecture.

Smarter IoT Systems

Announcing a New Intel and AWS* Developer Kit

Discover the newest Enterprise IoT Developer Kit- a joint reference architecture kit developed by Intel with Amazon Web Services (AWS)*.

AI Powers Clinical Trials

Artificial Intelligence Powers Clinical Trials

Find out how AI is reducing both the cost and duration of clinical trials. This enables doctors to more quickly bring life-saving medications to patients.

Underminer Studios*

Using Underminer Studios* Mixed Reality Configurator Tool

Learn to identify applications that are mixed-reality (MR) ready, enable mixed-reality mode in your Unity* virtual reality applications, and create MR green screen videos.

Intel Core Processors

Designing Scalable IoT Architectures

This article will discuss both design considerations for creating scalable IoT applications and new methods for creating a robust network using Intel® processors.

David Barnes

Dassault Systèmes* and Nor-Tech* Optimize Simulation Performance

Using the Intel® HPC Orchestrator these two companies have teamed up and created a website to measure simulation performance.

VR Tips

Virtual Reality User Experience Tips from VRMonkey*

Intel Software Innovator Pedro Kayatt has some great tips for creating a positive experience and avoiding some unpleasant physical side effects of virtual reality games.

Connectivity Technologies

Connectivity Technologies and the Internet of Things

What communication technology (or multiple technologies) should you use for your particular application? Explore the advantages and practical application examples for several common technologies

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