Trending on IoT: Popular June 2017 IoT Developer Stories

Make Your Systems Smarter

Making Smart Systems Smarter

Discover the newest enterprise IoT developer kit- a joint reference architecture kit developed by Intel and Amazon Web Services* (AWS).

Connectivity Technologies

Connectivity Technologies and the Internet of Things

Explore the advantages and practical application examples for several common technologies to determine which communication technology (or multiple technologies) are best for your application.

Intel Core Processors

Designing Scalable IoT Architectures

Learn about design considerations for creating scalable IoT applications and new methods for creating a robust network using Intel® processors.

Retail Vending

Wind River Helix* Device Cloud Application Deployment

Learn about a proof-of-concept that deploys software to vending machine gateways using the Wind River Helix* Device Cloud—an application that features complete device lifecycle management from deploying to decommissioning.


Intel® IoT Gateways with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit User Guide: Ubuntu*

This user guide provides instructions on how to use the Intel®IoT Developer Kit to connect your Intel® IoT Gateway to sensor or edge devices using Ubuntu*.

Windriver Pulsar*

Intel® IoT Gateways with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit User Guide: Wind River Pulsar* Linux* 7

Set up, connect to, and program your first project with an Intel® IoT Gateway and the Intel® IoT Developer Kit using Wind River Pulsar* Linux*to simplify and speed your embedded and IoT development projects.

IoT City

IoT Security in the Developer's Mind

Find a simple way to enable robust, end-to-end hardware protection for devices with Intel’s powerful IoT Platform Reference Architecture.

Edge to Cloud

Seamless Edge-to-Cloud IoT Integration Speeds Time to Market

Learn how to create a fully integrated edge-to-cloud IoT infrastructure solution using Intel and Google’s end-to-end joint reference architecture for IoT.

Design an FPGA

Program Your First FPGA Device

Use this tutorial to create a blinking LED. This simple exercise will get you started using the Intel® Quartus® software for FPGA development.

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Intel IoT

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