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I always believed that a difficult path leads to a beautiful destination. "WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY, Kolkata" is that beautiful destination reached with a lot of hard work and determination that aims to promote a sense of innovation, art & design, technology, leadership and entrepreneurial zeal among women. It is an initiative to develop a better ecosystem for women technocrats here in Kolkata - to support them in learning new technologies and give shape to their ideas. We are trying to empower women through technology by giving them a platform to speak up, build their confidence, and enhance their technological skills through regular meetups on different open source and Intel technologies.

The first event was held on 18th, June, 2017(Sunday), 11:00AM to 4:00PM IST with an Introduction to what exactly Women In Technology is and what it aims to.

The event started with the Welcome Note by me (Manisha Biswas) and cool Intro of the participants and then we had Lakshya Sivaramakrishnan (Program Co-ordinator, Women  Techmakers at Google) connected with us over a hangout call to support the  initiative.

I Introduced the participants with Intel Software Innovator Program taking them through Intel DevMesh talking about the cool projects they can collabrate with and contribute.

Then there was another speaker, Rebeka Mukherjee, talking about various women scholarships and opportunities they can avail.

Then , at 1pm we have lunch and it was a great opportunity for all to network over biryani and cold drinks.

Then, After lunch the event was continued with some success stories from :

Sumitra Bagchi, telling us about being a homemaker and how she is managing both work and family together, leaving her job for family, how she is still connected to technology.

Deyasri Nath, talking about her start up Hunger Thali and all the challenges she faced in bringing her idea to life.

Mani A, Research Scholar from Calcutta University guiding us towards various technology traits for women.  

The event continued with some cool demos on Intel Edison and Augmented Reality App with Vuforia Platform and Unity and an demo on Linear Regresssion with Intel Optimized Python by me (Manisha Biswas).

I also managed to bring other Intel Software Innovator (Avirup Basu) and Intel Black Belt Developer (Abhishek Nandy) in a single platform to talk about various Intel technologies.

Avirup Basu demonstrated Home Automation with Intel Edison and Azure IOT Hub.

Abhishek Nandy talked about commercial IOT as well as Artifical Intelligence Platforms from Intel and introduced Intel Deep learning SDK.

It was a very good experience for all as we learnt a lot of things and new technology trends.Over networking we exchanged lot of new ideas to empower women and to be proactive in their technology path. It was  a very good opportunity for me to bring in women from various technology fields under a single platform and enlighten each other with their creative thoughts. The event was super successful and looking forward for future endeavors.

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