Intel® XDK Update for July 2017 - Mobile App Build Service is Closed

As we said in March in this blog, and have been talking about on the user forums for some time now, we are closing the Intel® XDK's Build Service as of today, July 10, 2017.  The Intel XDK will continue to remain on the web allowing you to edit and simulate your mobile apps.  However, it is no longer actively being developed for mobile apps creation and will no longer be updated for new operating systems, devices, or CLI versions.

We will remain active in the user forums helping you migrate your apps to Adobe* PhoneGap Build* or the Apache* Cordova* CLI tools.  The Intel XDK will continue to provide the app export mechanism to help you take your apps to these other tools/services.  And, we will also keep the ability for you to extract your app certs from our cloud for a few more months to make sure you get everything you need to migrate.

In the past several months we have had many questions and suggestions in the user forums about open-sourcing the Intel XDK so that others could set up their own build systems.  Unfortunately, this is not doable.  The cloud build system is comprised of the Android*, iOS*, and Windows* app build tools – Android Studio*, Xcode*, Visual Studio* - and relies heavily on Amazon* Web Services’ tools, database, queuing and hosting infrastructure.  There really is not much that could be open sourced.

Stay tuned to the user forums for further information about our plans.  As always, please also refer to our latest Release Notes for more details of the changes.

The Intel® XDK Team

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