MeshCentral2 & MeshCommander with RMCP support

Quick blog post to say that both MeshCentral2 and MeshCommander now fully support the RMCP discovery protocol for Intel® AMT. For a long time now, Intel® AMT has had the ability to respond to UDP discovery packets, but this is the first time I made full use of this feature in the two big open source tools. You can now quickly scan the network for Intel® AMT computers, select them and add them to the list of managed computers. In addition, you now get an almost live view of what computers are present on the network. This is really nice, you don’t need to guess anymore what computers are present.

  • MeshCentral2: When it comes to the internet/intranet management web site, RMCP is used to detect the presence of Intel® AMT computers day and night, accumulating data on when the computers are present on the timeline when they show up and go away. It’s also a wonderful way to get a birds eye view on what computers are present on the network at any time. Because MeshCentral2 uses a real-time web application, the latest RMCP scan status is always displayed in real-time on the web page (no need to hit refresh in the browser). Disconnect a computer from the network and see the web page update live a minute later.
  • MeshCommander: For our local console tool, RMCP means you don’t have to start connecting to computers and waiting for a timeout anymore. The color status is updated when you first load the tool and continues to be updated every minute. If you don’t need this feature, you can turn it off in the menus. Makes things so much easier for administrators.

To see it all in action, we have a new YouTube video with a demonstration for both MeshCentral2 and MeshCommander. Managing Intel® AMT on a local network has never been easier. Lastly, we made many more fixes and improvements to both MeshCommander and MeshCentral2, certainly worth updating your tools.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire


MeshCentral2 now supports RMCP on the server for both scanning an IP address range
and to detect what Intel® AMT computers are present in almost real time.


MeshCommander also has RMCP support with new color coding quickly
showing that computers are present on the network.


We have a quick YouTube video showing RMCP support in both MeshCentral2 and MeshCommander.
Well integrated, it just makes things a lot easier to manage.

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Sam M.'s picture

Hi Yilan,

Still following all your work on this closely and we are planning and preparing to one day roll out meshcentral at our organisation.  However we still have an issue with remote desktop when accessing meshcommander through NodeJS.  I made a video of the problem here:

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