MeshCentral2 - WAN/LAN modes & Intel AMT CIRA

MeshCentral2 development keeps moving forward and this week, we got two really interesting new features added. As you will see, MeshCentral2 is positioning to be a server that can be used in a wide array of usages. From small networks with a few computers on a local network to larger deployments on a commercial cloud services. MeshCentral2 is being designed to handle both and everything in between.

  • Added support for LAN and WAN modes. This is one of the big innovations that will get MeshCentral2 noticed. Historically, you always needed a fixed IP/Host to setup MeshCentral, making things difficult for small deployments. Now MeshCentral2 has a new “LAN mode” where mesh agents discover the server location using multicast. For small deployments, it’s easier than ever to get a management solution setup. Let’s take a look at the differences between the two modes noting that it’s possible to run MeshCentral2 in both modes simultaneously, offering both feature sets at the same time:

LAN mode

  1. Mesh agents are setup without the IP/DNS name of the server. Agents/server discovery using multicast.
  2. You can add Intel® AMT computers manually with IP/Host. CIRA is not supported in this mode.
  3. You can scan your local network for Intel® AMT computers using RMCP.

WAN mode

  1. Server must have a fixed IP address or DNS name.
  2. Mesh agents use fixed name to connect to the server.
  3. Intel® AMT must connect to the server using Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA).
  • Added support for password authenticated CIRA connections. MeshCentral2 can now accept Client Initiated Remote Access (CIRA) connections that are both certificate authenticated of username/password authenticated. By using a username as credential, we avoid having to issue a CIRA certificate to Intel® AMT computers simplifying the process greatly.
  • New MeshCommander CIRA configuration scripts. One of the big innovations within MeshCommander is its scripting editor and way to quickly build scripts that would perform actions on Intel® AMT. Now MeshCentral2 takes advantage of this feature by offering a link where you can download a CIRA configuration and cleanup scripts. Getting CIRA connection is now as easy as drag & drop.
  • YouTube video demonstrating easy CIRA configuration. In this new YouTube tutorial video, we show the 3 different ways to setup CIRA on a computer and demonstrate how MeshCommander scripts can be used to quickly setup CIRA. Takes a few minutes and you can manage your computer from the website using Intel® AMT.

This week, I wanted to thank Ariel Silverman who a few months back worked on making the MeshCommander script blocks for configuration of certificates and CIRA. His work has been used in this release.

Ylian Saint-Hilaire


MeshCentral2 now supports WAN and LAN modes or can run both modes at the same time.
Makes is easy to deploy both as a cloud server and for managing computers on a local LAN.


MeshCentral2 new support for CIRA username/password authentication along with
MeshCommander CIRA setup script. Makes is easy to get CIRA setup.


All new YouTube video shows now to configure CIRA faster and more easily
than ever before. Just drag & drop the setup script.

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