Trending on IoT: Popular Developer Stories – August 2017

What is Open CV?

What is OpenCV*?

Take advantage of OpenCV* to build your applications using real-time image, video, analytics, and machine learning capabilities.–

Computer Vision

The Intel® Computer Vision SDK and How it Applies to IoT

Learn about this Intel-optimized and accelerated computer vision software development kit based on the OpenVX* standard.

Intel IoT City

Video Series: Get into IoT with Intel

This eight-part webinar series takes you from understanding the basics of IoT to getting data to the cloud.

Selfie Robot

The Selfie Robot: An Integrated Cloud-Powered Framework

Read about this IoT robotics project that uses an Intel® NUC, OpenCV*, and other technologies.

Commercial IoT Solutions

A Scalable Path to Commercial IoT Solutions

Explore Intel® IoT Technology to find a complete ecosystem for the connected future with hardware, software, and data solutions that work together seamlessly, at scale, and securely.

Daniel Holmlund

Overview of Intel® IoT Commercial Workshops

Find out how the Internet of Things is transforming the way everyday objects can be integrated into online applications in the Intel® Commercial IoT Workshop Series.

Docker* Labs

Follow Along with the Intel® IoT Commercial Workshops Using Docker*

This video briefly discusses how to follow along the Intel® Commercial IoT Workshops series videos, and points you to the Docker* compose scripts to set up the environment for each lab.

IoT Protocols

Establishing Your IoT Protocols

Learn how to build the hardware and software components that gather data from sensors, analyze that data, and perform automatic actions within a local IoT network.

Sensors and Actuators

See the Latest IoT Sensors and Actuators

Get a closer look at the sensors and actuators available in the Grove Sensor Kit by Seeed Studio*.

IoT Applications

Develop IoT Applications with Intel® NUC and Ubuntu* Core

Learn to develop an operating system image and package and deploy a selection of standard Linux* applications to the Intel® NUC using Ubuntu* Core.

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Intel IoT

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