The Best of Modern Code | September

Andres Rodriguez

Intel® HPC Developer Conference: Get Enabled

Don’t miss Andres Rodriguez's talk, “Enabling the Future of Artificial Intelligence,” at the conference. It’s coming soon, so register now.

Applications for Latency

Optimize Computer Applications for Latency

For applications such as high-frequency trading (HFT), search engines and telecommunications it is essential to minimize latency. This article shows how latency can be measured and tuned in the application.

IoT in LHC

Integrate IoT Devices in the Large Hadron Collider 

Student Lamija Tupo with CERN openlab describes how she selected technology to use for the project.

Fast Simulation

Deep Learning for Fast Simulation

Learn how to create a generative adversarial networks (GANs) model to simulate the passage of a particle through matter.

Fast Computation

Fast Computation of Adler-32 Checksums

Learn how to use the vector-processing capabilities of Intel® Architecture Processors to efficiently compute the Adler-32, a common checksum used for checking data integrity.


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